Realistic Male Sex Robots With Bionic Penises Will Go On Sale This Year

While sex dolls have been around for quite some time now, it seems like there is an important market demand for more realistic versions. The demand exists for both male and female sex dolls. In fact, the latest thing is sex robots. Will 2018 be the year of the realistic male sex robots?  

The transition from unanimated sex doll to sex robot is only logical. In fact, this is no longer a fantasy. There is already a female sex robot called Harmony. Harmony was released last year and her male counterpart is due to be launched at an as yet undetermined day this year. The software would be the same that Harmony uses but scientists are still working on the designing one of the most important parts of the male robot’s anatomy: his bionic penis.



Realbotix is the name of the company that created Harmony and is now working on the yet unnamed male sex robot. Its CEO, Matt McMullen, has confirmed that male sex robots will be released soon. The male robot will have in different body shape and sizes. It is to be expected that “his” penis will also come in different sizes both when it comes to length and girth.

Why A Male Sex Robot?

If you think that the idea of a sex male robot is far-fetched perhaps you would need to consider that this idea is not new. Male robots as romantic companions for men or women have been portrayed by popular culture many times in the past. The acclaimed Netflix original anthology series Black Mirror has tackled this from a dystopian science fiction perspective, most notably on the season 2 episode 1 episode “Be Right Back”, in which recently widowed Martha (Hayley Atwell) brings uses AI technology to reproduce her late boyfriend Ash (Domhnall Gleeson).

A slightly more trashy, more upbeat and straightforward version of the sex male robot can be seen in the Japanese manga (graphic novel) Absolute Boyfriend created by Yuu Watase. In it, a lonely office worker, Riiko Izawa, who is unlucky in love and in search of a boyfriend mysteriously gets sent a prototype of a male sex robot called Night Tenjo.


Absolute Boyfriend is so popular across Asia that it has been freely adapted into a live-action television series three times in as many countries; in 2008, Japanese TV network Fuji TV aired the first version known as Zettai Kareshi; in 2012 the Taiwanese version in Mandarin was shown FTV with the title Absolute Darling; but perhaps the most popular version internationally is the Korean iteration that originally aired on MBC in 2012. The original manga has also been published translated in English in Australia and North America.

A Real Male Sex Robot?

Clearly, there is an appetite to watch stories starring male sex robots but is there a real demand?

McMullen has the answer to that question: yes. In fact, his other company RealDoll has been selling both male and female sex dolls for almost 20 years. The silicon male sex mannequins sell for less than $10,000 and they come in different sizes and skin tones. Also, their eye color is personalized, they use different wigs and customers can even choose the type of ears they want their male doll to have.

But, perhaps the most important part of the sex male doll is “his” penis. These mannequins come with detachable penises. So it is up to customers whether they want their male dolls to have a soft or a hard penis. They can also decide they want the penis to be.

Now that Realbotix has already created a female sex robot, they are set to release the male equivalent soon. The female robot, Harmony, revolutionized the world of sex dolls. Among the many things that she can do that render her so realistic are her head movements, the varied facial expressions she is capable of, and her cute blinking. Also, thanks to technological advances, Harmony moves her mouth (lips) to match the sounds that she is capable of uttering.


According to Realbotix, Harmony can be customized:

Harmony is entirely customizable. You can change her hair, face and body, decide if she will be skinny, heavy or athletic. Select one of the main features and make the adjustments you like.

All of these characteristics that the company run by McMullen have been able to develop for a female sex robot could be adapted for a male sex robot.

In a recent article published on the British news site Daily Star online, the demand for the male sex robot is “skyrocketing”. Although the release of realistic sex robots is controversial, and some people warn about some of the ethical implications in using robots for sexual activities, it seems clear that these realistic “toys”, for want of a better word, are here to stay.

It is true that some people reacted to the release of Harmony last year with discomfort or mocking sentiment, that could only mean that those prepared to buy “her” and her upcoming male version may just be quiet about this. In other words, like sex dolls, the possession and indeed usage of sex robots (whether male or female) will be a secret that users will readily keep because of the social stigma and possible ridicule. But that does not mean that people do not use sex dolls. It only means that they do not talk about it.

So, why would be sex robots be any different?

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  1. This is a very interesting concept. At first I was not sure what to think about this topic, but this could help many women with social issues. Truth, looking at this from a therapeutic prospective, loneliness could be eliminated. It should not replace all social interactions, but it certainly can help thousands of women that are suffering from social and relationship issues, not to mention those that suffer from sexual ptsd. The more I think about it, the more sense it makes. I am in!

  2. Wondering if the male robot ejaculates? If so with what substance? And can it perform oral sex? And finally do these robots run on batteries???

  3. Basically in the 77048 713 Houston surrounding areas please me and my cousin patiently on the edge of our beds literally waiting

  4. I please hurry up because I will be first in line please make sure that the low-income women in Houston Texas will be able to purchase it online thank you have a nice day

  5. Being a sixty-eight year old Gay man, I’ve had almost all of the gambits when it comes to “Gay Relations”.

    But it would be nice to have a companion, who doesn’t cheat.and a submissive devoted to just me would be icing on the cake (so to speak).

  6. I think that it would do any relationship justice especially for the man it would be a win-win for cheaters, and adulters, lol I think its a great idea even for people who are sex offenders and things of that nature.

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