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Science Trends empowers scientists to increase the impact and discoverability of their work.

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Science Trends was founded in July of 2017 as a platform to give scientists a voice. We provide an avenue for scientists in academia and industry to connect with more than 250,000 science-minded people, all for free.

Major academic publishers work with Science Trends to help their authors gain wider visibility and a broader reach when a press release is not possible.

To date, we’ve worked with thousands of scientists from across the world publicize their work on everything from artificial intelligence to cancer research.

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Science Trends was started in 2017 by Trevor Nace, a Ph.D. geologist eager to explore the world and communicate science to new and unexpected audiences. For nearly 3 years he’s written about everything from earthquakes to climate change as he covers earth and environmental science on Forbes, connecting with over 20 million people.

Through his experience in science communication, he became increasingly aware and motivated to help scientists around the globe share their work and advocate for science.

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Operating costs for Science Trends are funded by both advertising and through investments from the founder, Trevor Nace.

We are not backed by institutional investors, banks, or other private or public entities. This allows us to control our business model in connecting scientists and their research with the world through self-directed press releases.

It’s important to emphasize that Science Trends is not an academic journal and thus has no “impact factor.” It’s also important to note that we ask for absolutely no compensation from authors.

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PhD and Founder

Trevor is a geologist passionate about sharing Earth’s intricacies with you. He received his PhD from Duke University where he studied the geology and climate of the Amazon.

He is the founder of Science Trends, a leading source of science news and analysis on everything from climate change to cancer research.




Daniel obtained his BS in Communications and is pursuing a Master’s degree in the science of Human-Computer Interaction. He hopes to work on projects which bridge the sciences and humanities.

His background is diverse including education in computer science, communication theory, psychology, and philosophy.



Emily graduated from Truman State University in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in Communication and French. As the editor and social media contributor for Science Trends, she works to ensure scientific writing is top notch.

Emily lives in Washington, D.C. and enjoys puns, binge-watching television series on Netflix, and traveling with her husband and daughter.



Alex is a graduate of UMSL with his MA in philosophy, with an area of concentration in the history and philosophy of science.

When he isn’t nerdily stalking the internet for science news, he enjoys tabletop RPGs and making really obscure TV references.

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