Map Of The USA East Coast

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The map of the East Coast of USA consists of 14 states; Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine.


The East Coast is extremely important historically and modern day as well. To learn all about the East Coast of the United States, as well as to see a map of the East Coast, check out this guide.

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The 13 Original Colonies

The 13 original colonies just before the American Revolution in 1775. Image source: Wikimedia Commons

The Thirteen Colonies were located across the eastern seaboard of what eventually became the United States of America. The first established colony was the Colony and Dominion of Virginia in 1607. This was an English settlement that was founded by the people who came over to America with the Plymouth Company ships. There was also a settlement founded in 1620 called Plymouth, named after the Plymouth Company. The Plymouth Colony location was mapped out and surveyed by Captain John Smith, and the actual colony of Plymouth was founded by a group of Puritans (who we now call pilgrims).

Original Colonies In Order of Foundation
NameYear FoundedRegionStatehood Order
New York1626Middle11th
Massachusetts1630New England6th
Rhode Island1636New England13th
Connecticut1636New England5th
New Hampshire1638New England9th
North Carolina1653South12th
South Carolina1663South8th
New Jersey1664Middle3rd
Plymouth Settlement1620New EnglandBecame Plymouth, MA

The population in these colonies grew rapidly, and by 1775 there were well over 2 million colonists spread among the 13 colonies. In the colonies, slavery was practiced and was a massive part of their economy. They were more prevalent in the southern colonies where plantations existed, but there were some slaves in the northern colonies as well. Over 160 there were about 280,000 slaves sent to the colonies, which came out to 2% out of the total amount of slaves traded during the Atlantic slave trade.

Tensions began to rise between the colonies and England going into the later 1700’s. Many people lived in the colonies but had no government representative in parliament back in London. The British began heavily taxing the colonists, causing tempers to flare up and eventually sparked the famous Boston Tea Party. Soon the colonists saw the King of England as a dictator which actually led to the people who lived in America to decide to fight for their independence. The first battle of the American Revolution was in 1775 in Lexington and Concord. In 1776 America fought, and won, to become its own entity, eventually named the United States of America.


You may have noticed the list of the colonies don’t include the states of Maine and Florida. Maine was actually considered to be a part of Massachusetts and achieved its statehood in 1820, years after the American Revolution. Florida was owned by Spain and the United States was given it with the Adams – Onis Treaty in 1819 (this actually took effect in 1820). In 1845 Florida achieved its statehood.

The Eastern seaboard is important historically because it was truly the birthplace of the United States. Americans declared their independence with the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia, the first battle of the American Revolution was in Massachusetts, and we won the Revolution with the surrender of General Cornwallis in Virginia. It was from the East Coast that Americans began making their way out West, essentially creating the rest of the United States. It was along the East Coast where the Civil War was fought in the late 1800’s and where slavery was forbidden. It is along the East Coast where the capital of the U.S. is and where our government makes decisions that affect the country (and at times the world).

The East Coast of the United States

The map of the East Coast. Image source: Google Maps

Now let’s go over the map of the East coast of the United States of America. There are 14 states that border the Atlantic Ocean, which allows the U.S. to be able to trade with the western parts of Europe and Africa. These states, as we said above, are the first states the United States had, and there are many historical places to check out along the East Coast.

States, Capitals, and Population
StatesCapitalPopulation (as of 2017)
FloridaTallahassee20.9 million
GeorgiaAtlanta10.4 million
North CarolinaRaleigh10.2 million
South CarolinaColombia5 million
MarylandAnnapolis6 million
PennsylvaniaHarrisburg12.8 million
VirginiaRichmond8.4 million
DelawareDover961 thousand
New JerseyTrenton9 million
New YorkAlbany19.8 million
ConnecticutHartford3.5 million
MaineAugusta1.3 million
New HampshireConcord1.3 million
Rhode IslandProvidence1 million

The East Coast is in the Eastern time zone, which means that it is 3 hours ahead of the Pacific time zone in America (it is 5 hours behind UTC). With all of the states combined, the population of the East Coast is 112.6 million. The East Coast has a higher population than the West Coast along the Pacific Ocean.

The East Coast has 3 different climate regions. The northernmost part of the East Coast (from Maine down to Connecticut) is considered to have a continental climate. That means the summers are warm and the winter is snowy and cold. Southern Connecticut down towards Florida is considered to be temperate. That means cold winters and hot summers. The southern part of Florida has a tropical climate, meaning it is hot all year round. The states along the East Coast are all susceptible to hurricanes, some of which can be severe like Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Hurricanes can land anywhere along the East Coast and hurricane season lasts from June until November, so for the majority of the year people along the Atlantic are on alert just in case a hurricane comes in.

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