Map Of The California Coast: Northern And Southern

The map of the California coast will amaze you just how many miles of beautiful beaches both in northern and southern California there are. The California coast has 840 miles of coastline, so to say it has hundreds of beaches is an understatement.

A lot of these beaches aren’t necessarily named, and some are state beaches. To get the list of all the California beaches, in alphabetical order, and a map of them, check out this guide.

There are not many places in the world where you can get to the beach in an hour, the desert in two hours and snowboarding or skiing in three hours. You can do all that in California. – Alex Pettyfer

Map Of All California Beaches

A map of the state of California highlighted in red. You can see the beaches along the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

We got this map off of Google Maps, but you can find maps that are a little more detailed once you pick out a beach to visit. As someone born and raised in Southern California I can tell you that no matter what beach you visit it will be gorgeous.

The northern part of the state is mountainous and rocky, and the southern part of the state has beautiful sandy beaches where you can surf and suntan.

All California Beaches

Here is the complete list of all the public beaches California has to offer. This list is in alphabetical order:

  1. 1,000 Steps Beach
  2. Albany Beach
  3. Aliso Creek County Beach
  4. Aquatic Park
  5. Arched Rock Beach
  6. Arroyo Burro Beach
  7. Asilomar State Beach
  8. Ávila Beach
  9. Baker Beach
  10. Balboa Beach
  11. Bayside Drive County Beach
  12. Beach State Park
  13. Beacon’s Beach
  14. Bean Hollow State Beach
  15. Black’s Beach
  16. Blind Beach
  17. Bolsa Chica State Beach
  18. Boneyard Beach
  19. Border Field State Park
  20. Broad Beach [1]
  21. Brooks Beach
  22. Buccaneer Beach
  23. Butterfly Beach
  24. Cabrillo Beach Park
  25. Capistrano Beach
  26. Capitola State Beach
  27. Cardiff State Beach
  28. Carlsbad City Beach
  29. Carlsbad State Beach
  30. Carmel Beach City Park
  31. Carmel River State Beach
  32. Carmet Beach
  33. Carpinteria State Beach
  34. Caspar Headlands State Beach
  35. Cayucos State Beach
  36. Channel Islands Beach
  37. Children’s Pool Beach
  38. China Beach
  39. China Cove Beach
  40. Clam Beach
  41. Clam Beach County Park
  42. Coleman Beach
  43. Corona del Mar State Beach
  44. Coronado Municipal Beach
  45. County Line Beach
  46. Cowell Ranch Beach
  47. Crescent Bay Point Park
  48. Crescent Beach
  49. Crown Memorial State Beach
  50. Crystal Cove State Park
  51. D Street Viewpoint
  52. Del Mar Beach, Camp Pendleton
  53. Del Mar City Beach
  54. Dillon beach
  55. Diver’s Cove
  56. Dockweiler State Beach
  57. Doheny State Beach
  58. Doran Beach
  59. Doran Regional Park
  60. Dunes Beach
  61. East Beach
  62. El Capitán State Beach
  63. El Granada Beach
  64. El Matador State Beach
  65. El Pescador State Beach
  66. El Porto Beach
  67. El Segundo Beach
  68. Emma Wood State Beach
  69. Estero Bluffs State Park
  70. Fletcher Cove Park
  71. Fort Funston Beach
  72. Fort Ross State Historic Park
  73. Francis Beach
  74. Gaviota State Park
  75. Gazos Creek State Beach
  76. Gleason Beach
  77. Goat Rock Beach
  78. Golden Gate National Recreation Area
  79. Golden Gate National Recreation Area – includes
  80. Golden Gate National Recreation Area – includes
  81. Goleta Beach Park
  82. Grandview
  83. Gray Whale Cove State Beach
  84. Gualala Point Regional Park
  85. Half Moon Bay State Beach, which includes:
  86. Harbor Beach, California
  87. Hermosa City Beach
  88. Humboldt Lagoons State Park
  89. Huntington City Beach
  90. Huntington State Beach
  91. Imperial Beach
  92. Jalama Beach County Park
  93. John Little State Reserve
  94. Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park
  95. Komo Beach
  96. Kruse Rhododendron State Reserve
  97. La Jolla Cove
  98. La Jolla Shores
  99. La Jolla Strand Park
  100. La Piedra State Beach
  101. Laguna Beach
  102. Lands End Beach
  103. Lechuza Beach
  104. Leo Carrillo State Park
  105. Light House State Beach
  106. Little Corona del Mar Beach
  107. Little River State Beach
  108. Long Beach City Beach
  109. Long View Park
  110. Lookout County Park
  111. Mackerricher State Park
  112. Main article: List of beaches in San Diego, California
  113. Main Beach
  114. Malibu Lagoon State Beach
  115. Manchester State Park
  116. Mandalay State Beach
  117. Manhattan Beach County Park
  118. Manresa State Beach
  119. Marina State Beach
  120. Marine Street Beach
  121. Marshall’s Beach
  122. Martin’s State Beach
  123. McGrath State Beach
  124. Miller/Knox Beach
  125. Miramar Beach
  126. Mission Beach
  127. Miwok Beach
  128. Montaña de Oro State Park
  129. Montara State Beach
  130. Monterey State Beach
  131. Moonlight Beach
  132. Morro Bay State Park
  133. Morro Rock Beach
  134. Morro Strand State Beach
  135. Mount Tamalpais State Park
  136. Mussel Rock Park
  137. Natural Bridges State Beach
  138. Newport Municipal Beach
  139. North Salmon Creek Beach
  140. Northridge Park
  141. Ocean Beach
  142. Ocean Beach City Beach
  143. Ocean Beach Park
  144. Oceanside City Beach
  145. Oxnard Beach Park
  146. Pacific Beach
  147. Pacific Ocean
  148. Palisades Park
  149. Patricks Point State Park
  150. Pebble Beach
  151. Pelican Point Beach
  152. Pelican State Beach
  153. Pescadero State Beach
  154. Picnic Beach
  155. Pigeon Point Beach
  156. Pipes
  157. Pismo State Beach
    Pismo Beach. Image source: Wikimedia Commons
  158. Playa Del Rey
  159. Poche Beach
  160. Point Dume State Beach
  161. Point Lobos State Reserve
  162. Point Mugu State Park
  163. Point Reyes National Seashore
  164. Point Sal State Beach
  165. Point Sur Lightstation State Historic Park
  166. Pomponio State Beach
  167. Ponto Beach
  168. Poopie town beach
  169. Poplar Beach
  170. Port Hueneme Beach Park
  171. Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park
  172. Radio Beach
  173. RAT Beach
  174. Redondo Beach State Park
  175. Redondo State Beach
  176. Redwood National Park
  177. Refugio State Beach
  178. Rincon Beach Park
  179. Robert Meyer Memorial State Beach
  180. Rockaway Beach
  181. Rockpile Beach
  182. Rocky Point
  183. Roosevelt Beach (also known as Naples Beach)
  184. Royal Palms State Beach
  185. Russian Gulch State Park
  186. Salinas River State Park
  187. Salt Creek County Beach
  188. Salt Point State Park
  189. San Buenaventura State Beach
  190. San Clemente City Beach
  191. San Clemente State Beach
  192. San Elijo State Beach
  193. San Francisco Bay
  194. San Gregorio Private Beach
  195. San Gregorio State Beach
  196. San Onofre State Beach
  197. Santa Ana River County Beach
  198. Santa Barbara East Beach
  199. Santa Barbara Shores County Park
  200. Santa Cruz Beach
  201. Santa Cruz Beach
  202. Santa Monica State Beach
  203. Scaroni Road beach
  204. Schoolhouse Beach
  205. Schooner Gulch State Beach
  206. Seacliff State Beach
  207. Seal Beach
  208. Seascape Surf
  209. Shaw’s Cove
  210. Shell Beach
  211. Shell Beach
  212. Silver Strand Beach
  213. Silver Strand State Beach
  214. Sinkyone Wilderness State Park
  215. Sonoma Coast State Beach
  216. South Carlsbad State Beach
  217. South Oceanside Beach
  218. South Salmon Creek Beach
  219. Stillwater Cove Regional Park
  220. Stinson Beach Park
  221. Stone Steps Beach
  222. Sunset Beach
  223. Sunset State Beach
  224. Surf Beach
  225. Surfside Beach
  226. Swamis
  227. Terra Mar Point
  228. Tide Beach Park
  229. Tomales Bay State Park
  230. Topanga State Beach
  231. Torrance County Beach
  232. Torrey Pines State Beach
  233. Tourmaline Surfing Park
  234. Trinidad State Beach
  235. Tuntis Beach
  236. Twin Lakes State Beach
  237. Vallejo Beach
  238. Venice Beach
  239. Venice City Beach
  240. Victoria Beach
  241. West Jetty View Park
  242. West Street Beach
  243. Westport-Union Landing State Beach
  244. Will Rogers State Beach
  245. William Randolph Hearst Memorial State Beach
  246. Windansea Beach
  247. Wrights Beach
  248. Zmudowski State Beach
  249. Zuma Beach County Park

I hope you liked the list and maps of California’s beautiful beaches. Let us know in the comments below what your favorite beach is in California? Do you like the southern or northern coast better?

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