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Brice Ezell

Writer and academic with experience in editing, online publishing, classroom and individual instruction, and public speaking.

Does Air Force One Really Need A New $4 Billion Upgrade?

In the fall of 2016, Donald Trump proved that with the help of his Twitter account, he could do anything, even if that meant the seemingly improbable feat of becoming the President of the United States. Not long after defeating […]

Is Nuclear Escalation Inevitable? The Next Global Conflict

I. The Cold War, Reheated? When implements of warfare like the nuclear bomb get talked about, the language used is that of scientific discovery. It was a “breakthrough,” the discovery of the atomic bomb, which leveled the Japanese cities of […]

When it Comes to Good Drug Policy, Science Should Trump Law

Marijuana makes people say the craziest things. Not the people using the drug — though, of course, those people spout plenty of cloud-brained iotas of wisdom in the moment. No, it’s the people looking to make marijuana seem like a […]

A Couples Guide To Getting Married On Mount Everest…And Surviving

After a three-week trek, the California-based couple James Sissom (35) and Ashley Schmieder (32) eloped. On its own, that sentence does not seem interesting enough to be worth publishing. Marriage, while a significant step for any couple, is not news-worthy […]

Is Health Care Innovation Better With Free Markets?

A great debate of United States politics in the 20th century rages on. The moment Donald Trump took to the White House as the unlikeliest candidate in recent history in January 2017, the Republican Party set one policy square in […]

Can A Young Startup Bring Back Commercial Supersonic Air Travel?

Imagine getting on a plane in London, taking a three-hour nap, and then waking up in New York City. For the start-up company Boom Supersonic, founded in 2014, this quick trip shouldn’t just be a high-flying dream for a limited […]

Vaccines and Autism: Can the Debate be Reconciled?

Broadly speaking, the general public doesn’t read scientific journals. Most people subscribe to magazines like Time or Reader’s Digest, not academic publications like Nature or Science. Yet this doesn’t mean that scientific journals can’t have a massive impact on the way the public behaves. One fateful 1998 […]

Should You Stop Having Children? The Science, Climate, and Statistics of Population Growth

When the editors of the popular United Kingdom-based publication The Guardian decided to publish an article with the title, “Want to fight climate change? Have fewer children,” they had to know what was coming. The article, written by Damian Carrington, […]

Where’s the Plane? The Science Behind Malaysia Airlines 370 (MH370)

Planes don’t just disappear. On March 8th, 2014, people all around the world said some version of that sentence to themselves as global media outlets began running stories about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370) almost nonstop. MH370, a flight from […]