NASA Announces Our First Permanent Interstellar Immigrant

Looks like Oumuamua is not our only interstellar visitor anymore. Meet 2015 BZ509, nicknamed BZ, a permanent asteroid whose origins are possibly (more than likely) from outside our very own solar system. This asteroid is incredibly interesting and will be a fixture in our very own solar system for years to come. Who are we? We find

Trump Administration Kills NASA Program For Monitoring Greenhouse Gases

The Trump Administration has recently rescinded funding for a program which measures atmospheric levels of greenhouse gases. NASA’s Carbon Monitoring System (CMS) has played an important part in measuring concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and its elimination will likely stymie efforts to combat global climate change. NASA’s Carbon Monitoring System NASA’s Carbon Monitoring

A Warmer And Wetter Early Mars

Four billion years ago, an interstellar traveler approaching the now-red planet with his spaceship would probably witness beautiful blue skies with fluffy clouds delivering rain and snow, ice-capped mountain ridges, rivers flowing through incised valleys, lakes, and even an ocean covering most of one hemisphere. A pretty much favorable condition for the birth of life

Unsaturated Soils On Mars And Their Role In Mars Colonization From A Geotechnical Point Of View

Major current projects that are currently underway to have humans on Mars for exploration and also for possible settlement and colonization are the Mars One project and NASA project. There are still several geotechnical engineering tasks that have to be considered for the realization of the planned forthcoming human missions on Mars. Geotechnical difficulties linked

How Will Humans React To Aliens?

With researchers’ focus being on finding sentient life (with the Kepler Spacecraft, the recent TESS satellite, and monitoring radio waves from space), the burning question – besides are we alone – is how will humans react if we find alien life. According to science fiction movies, the world would end; cities would come to a standstill,

It’s Official: Uranus Smells Like Farts

Now we finally know that Uranus smells like flatulence, the chemical also known as hydrogen sulfide. That’s right, the butt of our planetary jokes (quite literally), smells like gas. While this might sound far-fetched to you, it actually isn’t that much of a surprise to scientists and researchers. We knew that Uranus has quite a bit