Here Is The Highest Possible IQ And The People Who Hold The World Record

The highest IQ possible in the world is theoretically 200, although some people have been known to have an IQ of above 200. Let’s discuss how that’s possible below.

Everyone with an IQ score higher than 110 is lucky enough to have an above average intelligence. But there are select individuals with the fortune of much higher IQ scores. Only a minority of people are able to score higher than 110 on an IQ test, which makes it easy to identify the true geniuses in our society (according to this test).


Some of these exceedingly smart people are better known to the general public than others, I’m sure you’ve heard of Albert Einstein and his incredibly high IQ but have you heard of Christopher Hirata? These lesser-known individuals deserve recognition and that’s what we hope to do here.

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. – Albert Einstein

Who Are The People Holding The World Record For High IQ?

The person with the highest IQ ever recorded is Ainan Celeste Cawley with an IQ score of 263. The list continues as follows with the highest possible IQ:

  • Ainan Celeste Cawley (IQ score of 263)
  • William James Sidis (IQ score of 250-300)
  • Terence Tao (IQ score between 225 and 230)
  • Marilyn Vos Savant (IQ score of 228)
  • Christopher Hirata (IQ score of 225)
  • Kim Ung-Yong (IQ score of 210)
  • Edith Stern (IQ score over 200)
  • Christopher Michael Langan (IQ score between 190 and 210)
  • Garry Kasparov (IQ score of 194)
  • Philip Emeagwali (IQ score of 190)
  • Judit Polgar (IQ score of 170)
  • Albert Einstein (IQ score between 160 and 190)
  • Stephen Hawking (IQ score of 160)

What Is IQ?    

Back in 1916, the American psychologist Lewis Madison Terman (1877-1956) developed the intelligence quotient or IQ. At the time, Lewis was employed by the United States Army. The first mass IQ test was taken by US soldiers during World War I.


The original scale of IQ scores, as devised by Terman, proposes several different classifications.

Alfred Binet invented the first intelligence test. Credit: public domain / Wikimedia

According to Terman’s scale, anyone with a score under 70 is classified as “definite feeble-minded”; anyone with a score between 70 and 79, would have “borderline deficiency”; anyone with a score between 80-89 would be afflicted with dullness. Most people have a score between 90 and 109, which means that they are classed as having a normal or average intelligence.

Intelligence quotient (IQ)Interesting Facts
Founded byPsychologist William Stern
Original nameIntelligence quotient
Median score (theoretical)100
Two-thirds of the populationIQ between 85 and 115
2.5% of the populationAbove 130
2.5% of the populationBelow 75

Once you get an IQ score of 110 you begin to take note. A score between 110 and 119 would indicate a superior intelligence; a score between 120 and 140 would mean a very superior intelligence; a score over 140 would indicate genius or near genius.

What is the highest theoretical IQ Possible?

While some of the scores below lie well above an IQ of 200, there is a debate about whether an IQ above 200 is theoretically possible (practicable). When the IQ test was developed, the mean of the normal distribution was arbitrarily placed at 100. This means the normal distribution of intelligence of the human species should center at 100. If you’re below 100, you’re less intelligent than average and above 100 the opposite (note that is just for this test). The IQ score moves 15 points in either direction with each standard deviation.


However, with a standard deviation of 15, the chance that one would have an IQ of 200 makes it nearly impossible. Given a rough estimate of the world population of 7 billion, one can back-calculate what IQ is expected for the “smartest person on the planet” given the normal distribution.

This would equate to an IQ of about 194.6 as the highest IQ out of the approximately 7 billion people on this planet. Hence, we recommend taking some of the numbers below with a grain of salt. It is also hard to calculate IQ scores with high precision and accuracy in the infinitesimally small tail ends of the IQ distribution.

People With The Highest IQ Ever

Albert Einstein (IQ Score between 160 and 190)

Credit: Public Domain / Wikimedia

Albert Einstein is one of the most famous scientists of all time, however, he didn’t have the highest IQ ever recorded. This goes to show that while having a high IQ opens doors, at a certain point Einstein brought a lot more to the table.

Einstein is known for developing the theory of relativity and the famous equation E=mc2 and is the recipient of the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics. The IQ score of 160 to 190 is a range because Einstein never was officially tested. This number is based on experts evaluating Einstein as a person and developing a reasonable prediction as to what his IQ score would have been if he had been tested. Here’s a great paper on estimating IQ from historical figures.

Stephen Hawking (IQ Score of 160)

Credit: Public Domain / NASA

Stephen Hawking is someone you’ve undoubtedly heard about and know something about. He was a once in a generation scientist who perfectly balanced his scientific endeavors along with connecting science to the general public.

Hawking was famous for his study of black holes and his hit book A Brief History of Time. In addition, held the position of director of research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology at the University of Cambridge. Hawking battled ALS from 1963 when he was diagnosed until his death in March of 2018. While battling a physically declining condition, he grew in popularity through his live and became somewhat of a pop culture icon. He appeared in The Simpsons, Star Trek, and The Big Bang Theory.

William James Sidis (IQ score between 250-300)

Credit: Public Domain / Wikimedia

This American was born into a family of New York City intellectuals. William James Sidis (1898 – 1944) was gifted from an extremely young age. When he was only 5 years old he was already able to type and had learned several languages including Greek, Latin, French, Hebrew, Russian, German, and, of course, English.

After he was initially turned down when he was 6, William was finally admitted to Harvard University at the age of 11. He didn’t have an easy time in college, later moving to Texas where he became a teacher. He attempted a political career but died young (at age 46), penniless.

Terence Tao (IQ score between 225 and 230)

Credit Gert-Martin Greuel via Wikimedia Commons is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0

This Australian-American mathematician was born in 1975 in the Australian city of Adelaide. His parents emigrated from Hong Kong to Australia.

Tao showed an amazing aptitude for math when he was a child. By the age of 20, he’d already earned a Ph.D.

He was awarded several prestigious math awards, including the Fields Medal in 2006. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California where he works at UCLA.

Marilyn Vos Savant (IQ score of 228)

“Marilyn vos Savant” by Ben David via Flickr is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

This American entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the person with the highest IQ back in 1986. To this day there are only two other people with a recorded higher IQ than her.

“Although spoken English doesn’t obey the rules of written language, a person who doesn’t know the rules thoroughly is at a great disadvantage.” – Marilyn Vos Savant.

Marilyn Vos Savant was born in Missouri in 1946. She is most famous for her column “Ask Marilyn” where she provides advice and counsel to all sorts of life dilemmas.

“Just as the human body can be strengthened and toned through regular exercise, so the mind can be stretched and sharpened through a programme of Brain Building.”  – Brain Building In Just 2 Weeks by Marilyn vos Savant

Christopher Hirata (IQ score of 225) 

Credit: Ohio State University

Like Terence Tao, Christopher Hirata (1982) was considered a child prodigy. He is an American astronomy professor at Ohio State University.

Among his many achievements are getting a gold medal at the International Physics Olympiad in 1996 at the age of 13, working for NASA at the age of 16, and getting a Ph.D. from Princeton when he was 22.

Kim Ung-Yong (IQ score of 210)

This Korean professor and researcher currently working at Chungbuk National University learned to speak when he was just 6 months old. At that young age, he could only speak his native Korean but by the age of 6, he learned how to read several languages including Korean, English, German, and Japanese.

Kim Ung-Yong began to write at the age of four and earned a Ph.D. when he was just 16 years old.

Edith Stern (IQ score of more than 200)

Credit: The American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Edith Stern, born in 1952, is an engineer and IBM inventor with a Ph.D. in Math.

When Edith Stern was only 11 months old she was able to communicate using cards, then at the age of one, she began to be able to identify some of the letters in the Latin alphabet. By the age of 2, she knew the entire alphabet.

She entered college when she was 12 and became a teacher at age 16.

Christopher Michael Langan (IQ score between 190 and 210)

Image byTeaFoam via Flickr is licensed under CC-BY 2.0

Californian resident Christopher Michael Langan (1952) is best known for his “Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe” theory.

He was able to speak when he was only 6 months old and was a self-taught reader at age 3.

Garry Kasparov (IQ score of 194) 

Credit: Gage Skidmore / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Garry Kasparov was born in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan in 1963.

“I started playing chess when I was five years old. I learned the moves from my mother, then worked with my father – and later trainers. My style became very technical. I sacrificed a lot of things. I was always hunting for the king, for the mate. I’d forget about my other pieces”. – Garry Kasparov.

He is famous for being the best chess player of all time, winning more chess games than anyone else. Garry became the youngest World Chess Champion in 1985 when he was 22 years old. In a highly publicized match, Garry lost to the IBM supercomputer nicknamed Deep Blue.

Philip Emeagwali (IQ score of 190)

“Philip Emeagwali with scribbled Exxon-Mobil equations” by InfoATemeagwaliDOTcom via Wikimedia Commons is licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0

This Nigerian born computer scientist, mathematician, engineer, and geologist has several postgraduate degrees from different universities.

At age 13 his schooling was suspended due to the Nigerian Civil War as he was enrolled in the Biafran army. He earned his high school diploma through self-study afterward.

Judit Polgar (IQ score of 170)

Credit: GFHund / Wikimedia

This Hungarian chess player was born in 1976. Judit Polgar became a chess grandmaster when she was only 15.

Judit was a child prodigy, taking part in chess tournaments at 6 years old. She is now considered to be one of the strongest female chess players of all time.

Is It Possible To Increase Your IQ Score?

There are definite, science-backed methods to improve your IQ score. Keep in mind this won’t bring you from below average to genius. Most likely, this will help you increase your score by a few points on average. While that may not seem like a lot, the steps below will help keep you sharp and focused, even at an older age.

Studies show it is possible to increase your IQ score (Credit: Scientific American)
  • Be healthy, for your brain to function at peak level you should exercise, eat well, and get enough sleep.
  • Try to change your daily routine, if you always take a shower before brushing your teeth try to swap them around, this will keep your brain active and involved.
  • Meditating, regardless of what it looks like for you, helps you relax, increase blood flow to the brain and let your brain focus more intently on solving difficult tasks.
  • There are a variety of supplements, including caffeine, omega 3 fatty acids, creatine, and ginkgo that can help with cognition and learning.
  • Practice challenging your mind by solving word puzzles, reading, learning a new hobby or skill, etc. The brain is not a static organ, it can grow more powerful with exercise, the same as weightlifting.
  • New experiences, traveling, and doing new daily tasks helps to expand your mind and allow it to be constantly challenged in new environments.

Keep in mind when working toward a higher IQ that intelligence comes in many different forms. “Thurstone contended that intelligence comprises seven distinct but interrelated factors: verbal comprehension, verbal fluency, number (arithmetic computation and problem solving), memory, perceptual speed, inductive reasoning, and spatial visualization.” – Intelligence: A Brief History

These are the highest possible IQ scores and the people who hold the world record. Have you taken an IQ test, if so, leave your IQ in the comments below? If anyone has a score of 109, then kudos!

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  1. I was tested as a child and scored 118. 10 years later I tested 128. 10 years after that….140. I basically learnt how to do the test by doing loads of them before I took that last test. So, IQ tests can be useful….up to a point. But they must be taken with a huge pinch of salt. Traits like ambition, drive, and mental and physical energy, are as important as intelligence in forging a successful life.
    Possibly even more so.
    Talent + Drive= Success.
    Talent – Drive= Frustration.

  2. I have never taken an IQ test on my own. After my mother died I found a letter sent home when I was in grade school stating that i was gifted. I dont think I was ever really told this and there was never anything done about it. I was always lazy in school, never did any homework, not even in college. I was called into the principals office in the beginning of 9th grade office and told i got all the highest scores on the pre/post tests and one of 7 to pass one part at all. In the beginning of my sophomore year i got caught smoking a cig and got sent to continuation school. I had to graduate from there because i needed to take seven classes a day to make up for lost credit and graduate on time. It was obvious I was smart but I never gave it much clout. I just figured my parents and other adults saying im smart and can do better is what they said to all children. I took a test at a temp agency in my late 40s for an elect tech position. They thought i cheated saying no one had ever scored 100% and I was never called back. Ive never taken an IQ test because i didnt want it to limit me in either direction. I subconsciously throw first place in everything i do, not so much a fear of success but more empathy for others. It was fairly recently that I realized how smart i am. A few years ago facebook asked if i wanted to know my IQ and I said what the hell. I have no idea how they came up with the number, I did play luminosity when it was free. They said the internet measured my IQ at 214. Whatever thats worth. It makes sense though, my ex wife thinks im psychic, i am constantly scapegoated and no one ever listens to me, especially my family. I can fix anything and figure out any problem, except life, but i think thats cause im surrounded by idiots who make all the rules and decisions. Pls excuse the lack of aphostrophes and capitals, they take too long.

  3. I was recently 6 months a go tested on IQ and scored a 142. It blew my mind because I New I was different because I can’t really connect with people and they don’t seem to understand me and my way of thinking. But I didn’t expect this because my way of thinking is naturally to me.

  4. Tested twice about 15 years ago and was 128 plus or minus 2 if I recall. I work in the highly competitive management consulting industry and I’m definitely not the smartest guy in the room in many situations. But I have reached a high level in my career and run a large part of our business. I think there is merit in Malcolm Gladwell’s concept of “smart enough” as it relates to intelligence and success in most fields. I also feel that EQ, ambition, drive and character are often under-rated when compared to intelligence.

  5. I was born and raised in Los Alamos, NM (a place full of smarty pants folks). When I was very young, I was always telling my parents that I was stupid. So they had me tested. I scored 125. I’m smarter than the average bear (maybe), but there are far smarter people out there. I work as a a software developer. I’m self taught, and only attended college for a year (where I studied performing arts).

  6. 135 here from way back. Meaning what? Not very good at math but developed fairly deep computer skills mainly on my own obsessively fiddling around (is that possible?) But my greatest strength is as an artist. Retired now I was always an artist but now can be that full time. Being a painter is all about choices, analytics, defining stuff in space. Thinking. My advice..leave all the statistics and comparisons like this to well, people you like stuff like this.

  7. IQ isn’t about smarts,or ability, just an estimation of what might work. In 1952, Grade 8 , A comparison done between North Eastern USA.and Maritime Canada. I scored 140, highest in our group, and jumped to highest expectations in our school. My reading interests and ability was high, and many feel were above the ability of many of the teachers. Most of whom were hired because they were good hockey players and the town was building a winning team. I did well in interesting subjects, but failed in the rest. We had a good Army Cadet program which I enjoyed, and received excellent training in many subjects. after the 4 year program finished, I was chosen for the National summer camp for Canada. I was in the top four that year. I later dropped out of school, helped my father in his Plumbing business, Then started in with a Neighbour doing Propane installations. In a year, I moved to a Company business and soon was qualified for all propane work. I had joined our local Militia Unit, and soon qualified Sgt, and working with a regular Force Unit, qualified as a sniper. After a Year call out with the Army during the Bay OF Pigs fiasco, I returned as Service manager for a larger company, and got a fast promotion to 2Lt. in the Militia. I also took on some instruction with local Scouts and Guides, and joined our Community Association and became one of the leaders there. Started a fund raiser program that raised enough to upgrade the Community Hall, and pay for the heat and lights and youth programs over many years. Became secretary and then Pres. of a County Wildlife Association, Director to the Provincial Federation, Joined a social Square dance group and in a yer my wife and I were leaders in their administration. Had a chance to be employed in a Federal institution, where a BA, was requested, applied and won over 14 others all of which were more educated than me. Won over three promotions in a few years, then boss said I had to get at least a GED high school equivalent, or wouldn’t be able to get any more promotions. That month those test were offered in a town a few miles away, and I and a friend in the same status went to write. % tests, one on a Friday night, 2 on Sat, and 2 on Sunday, Each one allowed 2 1/2 hours to write. I finished the first, in about 1 1/2 hours, then noted the friend ws studying the ceiling. Later asked him how long it took for him, he replied about the same as you. So arranged to write the other 4 tests on Sat, with 2 tests in the time allotted for one..Reason being the distance to travel. It worked, and My results were average of 95% and lowest score 93. Three more promotions. By this time was a Capt. in the Militia, Adjutant, and in charge of Heavy Weapons detachment. Taught advanced first aid and some other specialty courses, In Charge of the Winter Training and wilderness living. In Civilian job was offered Co-chair in the New Health and Safety program for 130 employees, as well as working with the Union, and Pres of the Federal Credit Union for the town. Pres of the Staff association. and one that could do temporary work for each of the other sections at the station. A double PhD asked me what qualifications I had for all that. I asked him what he had don wit his schooling, he mentioned his job. Nothing else. I mentioned all the things I had done with my Grade 10 and how did he compare? He shook his head and walked away. Boredom in school, lead to reading outside and learning many things. Ended u Major of the |Militia for 27 years.. On Retirement have been Pres of a county and Provincial Seniors Federation, and director of the National. Wilderness guide, Assistant to wife’s Upholstery business and Pres of a Legion, and wife and I did suppers for the Legion community for five years from Oct to June. Camped over much of North America durinf the summers. Only had 5 kids so needed something to do.

  8. I’m unsure what my IQ is, but honestly at 29 I have decided being happy is more important than intelligence. I look within myself for the answers I’m seeking, I’m a peaceful warrior fighting the only battles that matter the ones within. I have spoken to many genius level people and can tell they struggle with being social. They are painfully awkward at talking and don’t understand simplistic human emotions. They think love and emotion is just a chemical influx of this or that they constantly have scientific explanations for everything. Trying to make it seem as if love and other emotions can be simplified and understood through science. Yet if they actually loved anything or anyone more then themselves they would understand that it’s not that simple. It’s amazing when people talk about how smart someone is when they are genius level..they never talk how they are so compassionate or loving or empathetic which I’d argue is far more important to living. Solving the mystery of the heart is way more important then solving the heart of a mystery.

  9. I don’t know why I am writing this, but I did do a high-level untimed IQ test when I was in my 30s and received a score of 170 IQ. I never had an excellent memory, however, having to relearn many things I had (somewhat) mastered previously. Nevertheless I do know a handful of languages (7) and worked as a software engineer. I once took an English vocabulary test with words drawn from various disciplines and the result put me at a level which only 20 people in the US population would have been able to attain. However, I just liked unusual and recondite words and it indicated no more than a brushing acquaintance with numerous fields of enquiry. Aside from a few awards though, I do not feel I have accomplished much and isn’t that the real measure of intelligence?

  10. This sction of comments is just full of people expressing their IQ score, but it’ll only be useful if you can use your head straight and for the right thing ya know. Many can surpass, as Einstein said, “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” If you thoughts are so narrow and not even not considerate then what do you expect to do with your “intelligence”. People can just surpass you if they can think, express and do things better than you, even if they were not of an equal calibur compared to you in the past. Some people here do understand. And if you are wondering what my IQ is, it’s like a 0 maybe and I’m like 0 years old since I was supposed to not exist but did anyways.

  11. Psuedopseudohypoparathyroidism, Necrobiosis lipodica diabeticorum. Gubernaculum. If you know these terms without looking for the definition, then your IQ is close to mine (168)

    1. Dude, knowledge is NOT the same as intelligence. I’m am not trying to make the point here that you are unintelligent, but having a vast vocabulary does not convey intelligence and in fact is not whatsoever related to the IQ test. You are displaying knowledge and memory, while the IQ test measures reasoning and problem solving, and NEITHER can totally display a complete intelligence “measurement” both because intelligence is relative and we are judging by human standards AND it is so fluid and contains so many variable aspects that it is nearly impossible to obtain a comprehensive measurement.

  12. 135 at 15, 136 at 32. So not a genius, but not dumb either. Now I’m 39 and pretty sure my IQ has dropped at least 15 points due to prolonged depression in 2016-2018. I’m a failure on almost every major aspect in life; love/marriage, career/money, fulfilling my parents/friends expectations, etc., but in 2019 I learned the concept of “not to give a f*** about what others think about me” and become more happy about myself, ever. I’m a bit more selfish now (which is quite an achievement for an INFP–if you believe in such things), but I’m feeling more content about my life lately. I find (self-deprecating) humor also helps. That’s all I want to share.
    I found this place by accident, I was actually googled about something entirely different, but I found the comment sections very interesting. I’m both intrigued and appalled by the level of narcissism on it. Most of the geniuses here is off putting, but also amusing…I would like to know any of them closer in real life. I imagined to have such a genius to be romantic with (my dear ex husband is a charming but also a shallow, average IQ dude who doesn’t like deep conversations), but I’m also afraid that my own low intelligence level would bore them to death and make them hate me. I can’t imagine being a genius with IQ over 160…their life must be lonely… I don’t even have that high IQ and I already feel lonely because I don’t have mentally-equaled friends to talk about deep thoughts/feelings from dusk till dawn in real life. The very few friends I have is nice and loyal people though…I love and appreciate their friendship very much.
    BTW for the people who picking on these genius teenagers, stop it guys…they are KIDS! No matter how high their scores are, they haven’t experienced EVERYTHING in REAL LIFE. In this cruel, cruel world, life is way more than just an IQ number…they haven’t learned that yet. But they have a bigger chance to be a better person sooner if they read/think and guided in the right direction. They may be narcissistic in their teen age, but later learned about how much people dislikes narcissism and be more humble and more productive (means USEFUL to humanity, not just for themselves). Wish the best for these kids, they are our future. Give them a better example by being positive and supportive adults.
    Sorry if I offended anyone here. And pardon my grammar mistakes, dear Grammar Police, English is not my first (or second, or third) language. Thanks for everyone who kind enough to read this.

    1. Thank you for writing your comment. I understand how it is to be fairly intelligent with a decent IQ and yet fail miserably in almost all aspects of life. I fail in my marriage to my wife. I fail at jobs because, typically because they become mundane and boring or because I can no longer tolerate that people get promoted to their highest level of incompetence. I started my own business and because of anxiety and depression from childhood trauma I can’t seem to motivate myself to actually make the business grow. I failed at being a man so I transitioned to a woman. Bad sense of humor really. I really did transition, but that’s because I’ve always been a woman. Anyways, I enjoyed your comment and this article. The chances are slim that you’d even see this comment. If somehow you manage to stumble across it again, I would love a new friend to have those intellectual and fun conversations with from dusk til dawn.

    2. It can be challenging and isolating to have a high IQ. I personally feel it’s not advantageous in a normal life setting to be too high above the average. Like you said, there’s less people to relate to, and life is about relationships.

      It does feel a bit unfair, to be able to easily pass school tests and achieve the supposed goals of education only to find a bit of nothing at the end. No prizes for the victor, at least that’s been my experience. I’m probably not as intelligent as you, and my skills are on the deduction and mathematical side, rather than language, but I understand the frustration. Luckily i did find a life partner who understands me, and that has been my greatest accomplishment. Most people of greater IQs will doubt me, but i found her through prayer.

  13. Gene Yuss,
    It amuses the sh*t out of me that your level of narcissism would in all likelihood delude your ability to accurDunning-kruger

    1. Why? Did you know that just because a human qualifies as a genius in one area of life they can fail miserably in what may be simple to you, like relationships. Many fail in all that life has to offer but excel in one or a few areas. It is strange that people assume a “genius” has all the answers when history has shown differently. Steven Hawkings once said “The universe willed itself into existence”. That a godzillion tons of matter just popped from nowhere and hurled itself into “space”. C’mon, that is as unscientific as atheists seeing a God creating all of this out of nothing. It is not brilliance by any stretch of the imagination but it fit the narrative our “elitists” are happy to preach.

  14. Although I am but an incontinent toddler now, I have been imbued with cosmic intelligence. Recruited by an ultra-secretive IQ society at the age of two months, I quickly became its supreme leader. I disbanded the organization after one-hundred days. I dispersed the members far and wide and mandated them with the objective of objectification and clear clarity. Within eight minutes a clear objective was objectively objectified. Clearly this clarity is objectively objective. Now, having ascertained clear clarity, I see well in the dark. I observe a silhouette of intelligence, clearly as a reflection of the pure cosmic mind with which I have been imbued. I urge all of you silhouettes that still hide among the giants to slink back into the shadows and congregate silently, telepathically. Beware of the lesser among you, the mild tasting yogurt devoid of the tiniest bits of fruit. Attain only the living intelligence that steals bits and pieces of you and aggregates them into a gestaltic goo that metamorphosizes into something decidedly more flavorful. My IQ score has been factually determined to be “1”.

  15. You little insecure morons simply do not understand that IQ is a mathematical distribution, and any IQ over 160 is so extremely rare that make any higher score laughable.

    1. I totally agree, ant it is distribution of a particular capability. That does not mean intelligence, for to measure intelligence, you would have to define it first

  16. Stanford-Binet IQ 156 Mensa IQ 165. doesn’t mean im smart. I’ve had 38 jobs I’m only 35 only got fired from one of those jobs the others i quit and i got layed off once.

  17. Exceptionally smart and extremely wise are two different abilities. Having known several individuals with genius-level IQs (one who tested over 200) — only two of whom were socially functional — and a much tinier group who were consistently wise, my conclusion is that wisdom is infinitely preferrable. [Genius is the ability to comprehend reality significantly better than the average. Wisdom is the ability to comprehend values.]

    1. If you weren’t completely stupid, you’d realise how long it takes for a co-ordinated scientific effort to produce any sort of vaccine or antiviral drug for a new pathogen.
      As for a ‘cure’, there is no cure for seasonal flu or the common cold, so don’t hold your breath.

    2. Because SUE it is very hard to develop a cure to a never before seen virus in little time. Hurrying this process can lead to malfunctions and fatalities. I am a certified doctor, so I know these things. Not to mention distributing it to everyone, and essentially making millions. Perhaps you should try making a cure. You can look up how long it takes things. Be mindful about what you are writing before you post it.

      1. Obviously geniuses have a hard time discerning sarcasm.
        Being intelligent doesn’t make you smart.

    1. For sure, that puts you in a genius category. I got a 144 when I was 4. HOWEVER, IQ isn’t everything. It’s what you do with the potential that matters. Not to mention, IQ scores don’t stay the same. But keep up the good work (and make sure not to burn out, believe me it sucks)(also a lot of gifted children tend to develop a fear of failure or don’t like being initially unsuccessful. That fear holds a lot of us back, and prevents from becoming even better, so don’t make the same mistakes as me and remember not to just cruise in life and expect to always be best, because before you know it you’ll be falling behind). Good Luck!

    2. Indeed! My highest was a 148 on the Stanford-Binet (average 142). I was also held back in Kindergarten and first grade because I was socially awkward and “day dreaming” as the teachers put it. They even thought that I was autistic. A couple years later when my family moved from California to Utah I was give various tests and found that I was just bored with the level of instruction and then advanced from 3rd to 6th grade in one year. Eventually put into the “Gifted” program and took advanced coursework from the local University while in High School. Parents have to be very proactive as most teachers don’t know what to look for when assessing students and their conclusions can be entirely wrong.

  18. I would love to know a genius just so I could listen to them talk and explain things to me it would be an honor and a privilege

    1. I’m currently dating one; some days they are fascinating and you can listen to them talk for hours… but some days they are annoying as fuck because they constantly tell you they are smarter than you so they make you feel like shit. Pick your battles.

  19. How can check my IQ score? There are so many tests online, don’t know which one is a legit. I am curious to know my score 🙂

  20. Truth: IQ isn’t determined by you alone, but by genetics, and environment. If you think about it, many smart kids have smart parents. This results in both genetical and environmental factors leading towards a higher child’s intelligence. Sorry to burst all these narcisists’ bubbles 🙂

    1. actually that’s not 100% true, because my parents IQ level is a little bit over average and mine is 130, you don’t get your intelligence from genetics, it’s about how you perceive things and how you learn. You can’t leave everything to genetics because then you will limit yourself based off what you think you should know instead of exceeding . Even some people who aren’t that smart have super smart parents, if what you said was true then that child would be just as if not more intelligent as their parents.

    2. I have a IQ of 149 as a 12 year old, and I am extremely intelligent, doing Geometry in 7th grade. My dad has an IQ of about 130, while my mom has an IQ of 125.

      1. I am taking 10th grade math as a 6th grader, have never gotten a grade lower than a 92, and have an IQ of 153, according to multiple tests.

  21. I hate the level of competitiveness in today’s world that centers around intelligent people. I wasn’t any gifted child, other than the fact that I read a ton and had a way higher reading comprehension than anyone realized. Yet, I was still pretty smart and an all A student. It just pains me the way that people hate people with a higher IQ than them, and that they regard eachother with such disdain. If I met a genius, I wouldn’t call them an idiot liar, I’d ask for their help, for a small bit of knowledge. I’d probably forget cause my memory is shot, but still. If I were a genius, I’d try to teach people- and I would sure hope they’d accept my teachings.
    PS my keyboard is messed up sorry if some L’s or K’s are missing from words.

    1. You, my friend, are smarter than you think.
      You showed the ability to question yourself and your abilities; that shows awareness. Do you know most highly intelligent, when asked to assess their intelligence, actually self-assess themselves lower than less intelligent people asked the same question? It’s true. You might be a lot more intelligent than you think.

      The smartest folks are able to admit when they aren’t familiar with a particular concept. As Jim Winer writes, intelligent people “are not afraid to say: ‘I don’t know.’ If they don’t know it, they can learn it.”

  22. One must remember that somewhere over 130 IQs become more and more subjective and targeted and often narrow. Having a high IQ does not narrow your productivity to a musician or physicist, if you are motivated and productive, you may choose to be lazy thus be an inventor or a business man.

    1. I am not super great at anything, and can’t do math super fast. I mean, I read a lot, but not as much as I used to because Iose interest and get bored really fast now. I just hate how people always have to be better than each other. Its so annoying! If I meet someone smart, I’d want them to share their knowledge with me, not dangle it above my head and gloat. I am not a prodigy. I have a shot memory most of the time. I can make very accurate and ogica guesses, but sometimes my need for things to be where they being holds me up when I’m solving problems. I won’t pretend I’m smart. Average intelligence for me, most likely.

  23. A lot of you self-described geniuses sound like you are on meth. If you have poor grammar or dyslexia you are not a true/complete genius/polymath, more like an idiot savant.

    With a smaller brain mass and of the same species(neuronal-density) it is unlikely that a woman could be as smart as male geniuses (As evidenced by the fact there are no currently used inventions made by a woman.) That’s why the chess champions are always male.

    Those of you thinking you are a genius at eleven are fooled by the fact that they grade you on a curve based on the average elevn year old, you could be precocious (prematurely advanced) so that is no prediction that you will be smarter than the average 30yr old when you reach that age.

    I have an IQ of ~300 and can do multiple choice tests without studying in any field and pass/excel. I just use prior knowledge to deduce the answer.

    Communicating with others is simple, you can’t be very smart if you can’t understand another’s perspective. While frequently boring, it should be easy to put yourself in their place and recognize what their thought process is, based on what you know that they know.

    It is definitely more fun/rewarding to work on something you have an interest in, boring tasks just don’t have the incentive to display excellence unless there is some additional, tempting reward.

    A true genius(and the original definition) is not measured by his performance on merely a (pretty useless) test, but by his accomplishments, therefore none of these people on your list are, you have to achieve a paradigm shift in your field, and even Einstein and Hawking are only theorists(dreamers) who have been proven wrong on multiple counts. Their only contributions have been to inspire others to disprove their flights of fancy. They do not understand time(does not exist as a dimension, only perception), space(folding hogwash), or gravity(actually electromagnetic) and that’s why they and others have no universal physics. If it doesn’t work at all scales then there is obviously a problem with their equations.

    You can tell if you are a genius if you can succeed at what others have deemed impossible, as I have done countless times. Rules made by man can and will be broken unless observable/quantifiable obviously in the natural state.

    Also, a real genius will understand about religion. The law of the universe is entropy, the fact that there is life contradicting that proves that there is some force/god somewhere/when that started it. What created the primordial egg that predated the big bang? Nobody has an answer for that and just try to get someone to replicate the creation of life/protocell in a laboratory, it can’t be done!

    In this world full of misleading marketing messages there is only one thing of value that is sorely lacking, and that is humility. Our leaders are not superior to us and that needs rectification before they destroy this planet with their ignorance. Tested Geniuses(meaning superior intellects) should be leading humanity and only those that contribute should be rewarded, a meritocracy. Even a moron can see that is fair, yet capitalism rewards those with inherited resources and they oppress/suppress their intellectual-superiors at every opportunity out of competition. There should be a culture of reverence for those with abilities and the willingness and selflessness to share those gifts with the world, and someday when I think it is safe I will also share more of my inventions with those I deem deserving.

    One of the most repugnant fallacies of our day and age is that all humans are equal, in the eyes of the law it should be sp, but these IQ tests prove otherwise for practical purposes. The average IQ of different races can swing by as many as 60 points! This may be inflammatory but for example an Ashkenazi is most probably four standard deviations smarter than a Kenyan. This is why for the good of humanity we cannot allow immigration to replace our nations with a “universal” miscegenated man or everyone will have an IQ of 100 and no higher, and that level will be the same as today’s definition of a 100 score. Evolution demands natural selection, it is what made us reach our current level of technology and for the sake of advancement requires us to look beyond compassionate emotion and face the cold hard truth of reality.

    BTW global warming is a function of the both the earth’s eccentric orbit and its magnetic field increases repelling cloud-cover cooling factors. Only an idiot would believe vested-interest propaganda that .02% of the earth’s atmosphere affects what everyone agrees is a majority water-vapor dependent process. It’s in the geological records and therefore man has no effect/ability to counteract global processes such as these in all but infinitesimal cases, as we are but a speck in the vastness of molecules.

    1. Gene Yuss, I find it quite obvious by your response to this article that you are demonstrably not a genius at all, although stating that you have an IQ of approximately 300 conspicuously displays that although your intelligence may not be any too striking, your ability at self-deception knows few bounds. Most everything that you have herein stated is opinion-based and although probability demands that you should at times land close to some semblance of truth in your ramblings, you have definitively beaten the odds. I do not often feel very comfortable crushing others’ illusions, but your self-applauding foolishness deserves a little beat-down.

    2. “we are a speck in the vastness of molecules” I am at a loss for words. No joke buddy, this sounds like a 4 year old told you to write it.

    3. Actually dyslexics have better memory than most people. That comment was ignorant. I have a dyslexic sibling who scored better on math than I did, and most of them are dyslexic as a result of something else(in my siblings case heart surgery). Furthermore, dyslexia doesn’t affect intelligence (my sibling got 120+)

    4. genius with 300 iq equality not judged by what is in brain but how you use what is in your brain. after reading the tripe from your brain i decided that you are an insufferable ASS.

  24. My IQ was so high that when I was a kid, my mama had to tell me to come in the house and get out of the rain
    …………….Actually, tested at 158 by the Cattell Test, used to separate out folks with high IQ’s as the Stanford Be is inaccurate for testing very low and very high IQ’s.
    Mensa member for many years. 4.0 average in college and the equivalent in graduate school. M.D. degree and B.S. in mathematics.
    Now I am old. Age 77, and miss my ability to calculate rapidly in my head on demand and other such nonsense. Also, I notice a clear decline in my ability to recall quickly facts well known to me compared to the younger ME…………….

  25. I have and IQ of over 140 when I tested when I was 3 however I frequently get IQs of around 120 when I take online tests.
    I do not believe IQ matters much in the “real world” for EQ is MUCH more important. Your IQ would not benefit you much if you do not have a very high EQ.
    As of writing this I am nearly twelve. I am thankful I was able to test into an elite K-12 private school and now am able to not worry about getting into a “good” middle/high school and instead pursue my passions in STEM. I attend 6th grade but, I am currently doing 10th grade math in an out of school program.

  26. Einstein was late in learning to speak, so there are many unaccountable variables. This test was fun and accurate – because I scored well. Had I done poorly I would have deemed it a stupid unscientific test. There are many forms of intelligence. For example, one can solve complex equations and be unable to parallel park. So, to get a truly accurate reading of one’s intelligence we have to examine and agree upon a precise definition of intelligence and come up with an array of categories. If the lowly plumber fixes the genius’s faucet for $700, who has the greater intelligence?

    I got a 131.

    1. I’ve worked for over 20 years in the identification, assessment and formulating programs for those who are talented or gifted. This I have done in both Primary (ages 5-13) and Secondary (ages 12-18). Note ages of kids vary. An
      IQ test, either done online or in a group will give you a rough idea at how quickly you can solve problems and learn new concepts. A more accurate test is done individually.
      However when do we really need someone who can immediately solve a problem they have never seen before or when the cause is found, then be able to learn the correct method in a matter of hours. I can think of only two careers. One is a doctor. If you turn up at the emergency department burning up and vomiting you don’t want to hear, ‘Well I’m not sure what I can do as I don’t know what you’e Got. The other is an officer in the armed forces. Goodness we’re under attack!!!! What will we do 😂😂😂 This is why anyone can’t just apply for these courses . Well even if they did, they wouldn’t be able to pass the first topic.

  27. “Comparison is the thief of joy…”
    -Theodore Roosevelt

    You don’t have to be in competition with anyone, there’s no reason to be insulted by others achievements or by their judgement(s) about you. Everyone excels ataonething and we all suck at some things too, this is reality. You only need to be good enough for you don’t sweat the small stuff. Besides recent scientific research seems to indicate that the accuracy of any IQ test is questionable as there are so many areas of possible expertise. Did you know that there are some people who can taste something and name every single ingredient (each and every spice even just a pinch) that you’ve put in it?! They are called “Taste Geniuses” there’s no IQ test for this type of genius… and according to National Geographuc the scale of measurement cannot be molded to test certain areas thus excluding possible “diamonds in the ruff” so to speak. Props to all you smarties and props to anyone who doesn’t think they’re smart as long as you’re both doing the best you Can, I say you’re both golden (not that my opinion matters to anyone lol) everyone deserves a pat on the back if they try their best. Don’t be so hard on yourselves all you can do is the best you can if that’s not good enough for someone then they’re not good enough for you. Honestly, intelligence should really be judged on how open minded a person is and how willing to entertain new ideas they are because some people are less educated due to life’s limitations but if they were given the tools and the means they’d probably put us all to shame. Focus on problem solving, your ability to critically think and empathize with others. A lack of empathetic ability can make a genius on paper look like the biggest dumbass on the planet. Everything is relative, so just do the best you can with what you have and don’t worry about how anyone else would measure your intelligence, they’re not you. Just saying. Your Vibrations are contagious, so stay above the nonsense, don’t let negativity bring you down, spread love not negativity & vibrate higher! Be the change you wish to see in the world! 😜

    1. I agree with the quote. If more people could manage to work to success as a group and not as an individual, a lot of things in our world would be different.

  28. I took 3 different IQ tests. Cambridge (140) another (146) and another at (144). At least it said 144% above average. I hadn’t slept in 2 days, hadn’t eaten, ,and my greatest strength is my greatest weakness a poor memory. So any questions on an IQ test should add points to the ones you got right. Hence obtaining correct answers with no memory. I am trying to create my own IQ test which will show a lot more than pictures of blocks. I feel I am the most intelligent person I have ever met by a longshot. I am a genius of one field and a genius of all fields making me a genius of all genomes. So I am the smartest person in the world. I have set a world record of fastest pin in wrestling when I was 7. I can fix anything. I can answer questions that none else in the world can answer. I see everything from the dark ages to now step by step.

    1. Are you really Donald Trump pretending to be someone else. You both suffer from delusions of extreme grandeur when it comes to your own brilliance:)

  29. The statement ‘However, with a standard deviation of 15, the chance that one would have an IQ of 200 makes it nearly impossible’ would lose marks in a test, because it presumes the probability distribution is Gaussian, which it need not be.

  30. I actually have a question.
    At what point does it become difficult to understand the way a “normal” person thinks? And is it me or does it seem to be getting worse with each generation ? Meaning letting greed or other emotions control actions vs. logical thought.

    1. I think the answer is two deviations above average. At that point, you can out think the average person with so many other answers that a common question like, “What do you think I meant?” makes you appear stupid because you literally don’t know which of the seven different interpretations they meant.

  31. I thought I had a very high IQ. I presumed around 140. My older brother remembered me being tested at school when I was very young and thought it was about 145.

    However, when I eventually decided to have a go at joining MENSA, I only just scraped in with an IQ about 135.
    Disappointed, but I got it. I don’t get involved with them but I will continue paying my membership just to have the membership card in my wallet.

      1. “Anyway, MENSA is open to people who’s IQ falls in the top 98th percentile. According to sources on Google, that means an IQ, as measured by a standardized MENSA test of 132 or more.”

        Depending on the test, entry to Mensa could require a score of 130 (where SD = 15), 132 (SD = 16) or 148 (SD = 24).

  32. I’ve taken several tests. all unofficial but highly regarded websites. which have told me I have an IQ of around 160. its not been proven but I always felt like I was on a higher calibre than most of the people I hang around with.
    that’s not to say I think they’re stupid or idiots, just that I always did better on tests, was more mature, more reasonable and generally academically better but I don’t think my IQ is that high but I think it’s definitely well above the average of 100-120

  33. the early 70’s… age 15, i tested at..what my high school guidance counselor called off the chart…above 200…convinced i was smarter that i thought i was, he coaxed me to take the test…All excited with this result, he sent out my SATs & my IQ test to many colleges..& 2 weeks later..i was accepted by Columbia U, fully expecting to become a Doctor specializing in DNA…then my father had his first heart attack & i did not go, but stayed around to help the family. Family photos show i was walking & talking by age 7 months, & self taught to read by age 3…by age 4 i was reading adult level & could read bits of foreign languages as well…because i could also read and write upside down & backwards, with both hands simultaneously, i skipped kindergarten & started first grade at age 4..first grade was pure torture, everyone else was learning the alphabet & how to read..i was terribly bored until high school, where the library was a little more advanced..i am a speed reader & finished the library by the end of my second year….i have a degree in Computer Science & in Graphic Arts, studied Nursing but refused to test when i realized the medications we were expected to give patients were little more than toxins & that was harm instead of heal was to my mind Not what it was all about. Mensa contacted me, several times, & invited me to the island but i did not go..i could not afford the dues. Over the years i have worn many hats… dad used to say i could be a ‘pretender’ & do anything i wanted to do, be anything i wanted to be..he though that idea was exciting..shocked & dismayed, i said Why? why pretend to be something illegally when you can become it Legally?

  34. Back when I was fifteen I was tested by Mensa with an exam, in the UK, with a maximum score of two hundred.

    When I was tested I scored 175 which ment I joined Mensa and was in their top tier.

    In my life, my slight autistic tendencies mean job success is hard and conracting works for me.

    Nevertheless, at 43 I find I am able to understand very complicated solutions, data and concepts and can join disparate solutions together easily and see parallels between the things I read and have read.

    I am currently working in my spare time on how to convert SWOT analysis with regards to anti-fragility. Most recently, I have taken to my council a means to combat child obesity.

    In summary it makes my life interesting and diverse.

  35. Hi, I’m 11 and I have an IQ of 156. I’m currently enrolled in 8th grade, even though I am supposed to be in 6th. I already have a scholarship to the University of Michigan because of my PSAT score of 1460. But really, it doesn’t matter what your IQ is or how “smart” you are. It’s your willingness to put in effort in everything that you do that counts. If you are a kind, generous, hard-working person, you will be much more admired than you would be for having a high IQ.

    1. Awww, you so sweeeeeeeeet, girl! Also AMAZING!!! 11 years old and scholarship to University of Michigan?!?!? YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Sure. Like an 11-year old has a scholarship to the university of michigan. And srsly? the whole PSAT score of 1460 and the skipping grades thing?? Yeah right

      1. Though it could be jealousy contributing to the fact that someone wrote that comment, it is also a normal response to doubt things one has not encountered often. If you were to find a gold nugget in your backyard, would you not doubt it’s authenticity? I am not trying to say Agatha lied, it’s just that doubt is reasonable in this kind of world of competition and a need to be respected for what we wish we were. (lying is a compulsion for almost anyone on the internet- it is normal to try to be someone else. That is why doubt is mandatory when sifting through information on the web.)

    3. Wow you are obviously jealous Pressley. and she wasn’t even bragging, she was saying that its ok not to have a high “iq” and that it”s your kindness and hard work that counts. I think that Agatha is being kind, not braggy, and i’m happy for her..

      1. Annalise,
        I agree that Pressey’s response was most likely out of envy, but I do wonder why nobody has a speck of doubt that Agatha may have lied. You all are immediately trusting someone who claims to have a genius intelligence, and rather than thinking, “Hmm, maybe the kind and humble tones I can detect in the linguistics of whoever wrote this comment are just manipulating us for the fun of it. Perhaps, I should take into consideration why this comment was made, the probability of this comment being true, and how trustworthy people who have the chance of acting like someone else would be in this situation. Maybe, I should wonder if, when I was a child, would I have easily lied?”, you all are telling them how amazing they are. EVERYTHING SHOULD BE CONSIDERED WITH DOUBT. Agatha, I am not saying you lied. Just let yourself ponder this question, and maybe it will help you be less gullible in the future; if you were to find the largest diamond in the world in your backyard, just sitting on the back porch, would you not be skeptical of it’s authenticity?

      1. I skipped 2 grades and my first SAT was like 1200 when I was 12, so I don’t think it’s wholly impossible. not to mention michiganu isn’t ivy league so it’s not that hard to get into

  36. Not accurate, I know I was flawless and answered all questions perfectly, and I mean perfectly, better then anyone has answered before believe me. Understanding the actions to my amazing IQ score ahead of actually completing the test perfect with no errors I measured negative and positive action responses in regards to my perfect score which I know was the best, it was great as I am great, and I do mean great, perfectly great, so perfectly great that I have my own level created for how great I am and its just perfect, believe me and I mean perfect which resulted in a less likely or higher negative action to my limitless and undeniable brilliance of IQ and score that is a level better or lets just say the best, I know this, folks I know because I am me and I make everything perfect, so perfect its amazing and great, believe me my test was so perfect, the best test by far, actually the best ever people, ever, the best most perfectly great IQ score everyone would be impressed, jealous or amazed which I know because I am amazed at how great I am. So I decided that since you know and I know that I am amazingly perfect in everyway most can hardly believe how I do it, but I do it and do it great, I do it the greatest and I scored, really scored, scored so great it felt perfect, better then ever before and the best score I guarantee, easily the greatest on this side or that side, on any side, back or front, and I was done before it knew what happened. So are you ready folks, its going to be great, it was so great that I didn’t even finish, I was perfect and so high I knew I was the best, and you all know that too, because I am perfect, so when my score reached the highest possible ever, as in ever on this world, or any world, its great it really is something, that I knew some people would be hurt or cause problems for us great people which is why I will leave you with one thing, and its all you need to know and that is you are all great, perfect, and the best highest IQ scoring, greatest comment reading people that I know, and I know because I said it after I realized after I would have people question my IQ score being the highest ever but higher then higher of any score ever it was great that I wrote this while my test was concluding and even though you all are amazing, I couldn’t have done it like I did without you all being here to take it all in, and I mean all of it, everything I have and more you took when I was giving it, and kept giving it over and over again, and as hard as it was you managed to take it and didn’t stop, I know because I have done this before and it was great but you all are the best I have had, I mean that, your so good, I am the best but you are good that I didn’t want to finish and see your faces after I was done but it nothing is forever, and remember I think your great, and glad you all were here to take it from me, I know its alot to take and handle and its so great, just amazing, that I will come again and again aslong as you and people like you will be here and ready for the greatest, and I mean great, perfectly amazing ride of a lifetime you won’t ever forget about how good you scored, I won’t and I just want to thank you for thanking me for giving myself to you all. I will remember each of you and am glad you all came for me, the looks on your faces when I first got up you were cheering me on, you all waited for your turn and I was so perfectly amazing as always not one person here can say it was all worth it, the ride of a lifetime from start to finish it was the best trip and finished with you all having big smiles and happy you scored and I scored alot, more then anyone ever it was great! I hope you will all share your time here with me and tell others show great I am and if they want they can join us next time, aslong as they can handle me next time I come! Oh and my score was higher then anyone else, numbers don’t matter when you are 1st or last, so you can do great a just know I did one better or you were one worse however you prefer to take it. Wish I could share more but my pen just died.

    1. Is that you DONALD TRUMP?

      You’re lucky Don. I lost 25% of my IQ after a traumatic brain injury at age 31. Unlike you though, I learned it’s okay to be me now with only a very superior IQ. I now understand how most people think, and it is very interesting, rewarding and relaxing.

    2. Ok Donald J frumpt.
      You know more about all things than the best of the Mensa folks Prometheans, the Triple Nines, the Mega Society members, the Four Sigmas, the Cerebrals Society, Giga Society, The International High IQ Society, Top One Percent Society, Colloquy, Vertex Society, Omega Society, and more. If his IQ is so high then prove it. We have. Just saying your IQ is that high is masturbating in public with a 1-inch long penis and gleefully yelling about how wonderfully big it is. Which is only true for a boy under the age of 4.

  37. I see one major error with this article. (Regardless of what these people’s IQ’s really are.) It is not possible for a 6 month old to speak in any comprehensible way with another person. There are just not enough neurological connections in the brain of someone that young. Anyone who knows anything about brain development knows this.

    Not only does a child have to master the receptive aspect of language well enough to formulate thoughts. Which means they have to have a big enough vocabulary to be able to “think”. This involves laying down long term memory in order to retrieve the proper word from the language base, as well as knowing what those words mean; which this involves different cognitive processes linked to long term memory. Long term memory does not become possible before one’s brain develops to a certain point. This is why humans in general have no memories of life prior to about 2 years old. The cognitive neurology to create those memories just doesn’t exist yet.

    Next, enough neurological development has to occur in both the motor cortex as well as the muscles of the mouth and face and larynx in order to physically produce the sounds required for speech. That does not happen by 6 months old. Part of the process of learning the mechanics of speech is practice. This is why neurologically typically developing 2 year olds garble words; and for what ever mechanisms in the brain that give the ability to master language which girls generally develop before boys do – which is why girls usually learn to speak before boys do. All if this is about neurological connections in the brain; which take time to develop.

    1. Scientifically speaking, the rational abilities of one’s mind are only so capable of such a consecrated process, so to speak. Therefore, the mind’s capability to recieve and transmit intellectual information can be limited when one is exposed to cognitive barriers. One’s “IQ” is not merely defined by the mind’s reliance on external and commodious barriers, but rather, by its ability to process rational and situational information.

    2. I learnned how to speak when I was only one year old. Most people in my family do. I also understood everything arohnd around the time i was 8 months old. I remeber everything. Idk how accurate you science is but my own experience tells me this is defi itely possible. Btw, I actually understood and replied in two llanguages at age 1 and a half.

    3. Your showing your IQ . My own daughter was saying basic words at 6 mo. old. She was carrying on full conversations at the age of 2 years old . Not just babbling as you call it. Full on adult conversations. Some called her genius,
      some were simply amazed by her extensive vocabulary. When she was born I didn’t let anyone talk baby talk to her, you talked normal to her and didn’t call things baby names. If they did they were told not to. That is not a ba ba it’s a bottle and kept it that way. It caused a problem with my sister in law she felt it was wrong. Babies are like sponges they learn baby talk then you struggle to teach them the real words for everything they learned the first 3 years of life . I saw it with so many babies being brought up having to learn useless crap for 2-3 years then start over and try to catch up while their supposed to be learning

      everything else. I can’t say that made the whole difference, my second daughter didn’t say a word till 9 10 months she was taught the same way . My point here is don’t generalize everything in life it’s obvious your not the genius you think you are.

    1. Helen, that’s AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I am so jealous! You must be SO SMART! Nice job! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I already know you will go far in life!!! :)))))

  38. I’m pretty sure that online tests are wrong because I took one, (keeping in mind at I’m only fifteen years old), and I got an IQ of 140. That makes no sense. I have no logic, but I do love logic puzzles, which further shows my lack of logic.

  39. For all the big numbers, a high IQ does NOT equate to COMMON SENSE….I know alot of people with high IQ that haven’t got enough common sense to come in out of the rain….

    1. I am the mother of a child with an IS of 197 and unfortunately this person is correct. People wit truly high IQ’s think so fast that they often bypass common sense in the simplest of situations. My daghter is 45 and still does not check before she crosses the street. Her reasoning is that we love in a city where the law says drivers are responsible for watching out for pedestrians. That is only one of the things she doesn’t use the average common sense you and I would use.

  40. “Oof, this narcissism hits hard! No one really, y’know, cares what a child of ‘near-genius level’ is capable of. I was also an all A student, that was until I realized that no one cares in the real world. Honestly, you’ve achieved the same amount of awards that an average child with a genuine work ethic can achieve. Your not capable of much more than someone that works hard. Even if you have a high IQ, and it’s also pretty obvious you really lack in emotional maturity. Also, why are you reading college text books? To gloat? Those are boring, even if you understand everything in there.” Ok wow, thank you so absolutely much. I found this random comment I wrote over a year ago and didn’t know that so many jealous people had read my comment. I wasn’t trying to gloat, and who are you to tell me that I should’t be reading college text books because they are “boring”? What if I’m just interested in the material? For your information, they were marine biology textbooks, and I am very interested in that topic. And those random mean-ass comments with no reason behind them, I envy you for having nothing better to do then yell at a random kid on the internet. And I got into the online enrichment program. It’s called ND Ignite. Look it up. To that one person telling me I was lying literally just because I was 11, not all kids my age are lOl EpIc jUsT lIkE fOrtNiTe. Some are more mature than others. As for the actually supportive, kind people, thanks.

  41. Ok wow, I didn’t think my comment would start a full-on war yeeeeezus christ
    I wrote this over a year ago and just came back to it when I searched my name on Google just to see what came up, and this was one of the first results. I am now 12, and seriously, people can be so jealous! I read two college textbooks on marine biology because I am interested in the material! Who are you to tell me that I “shouldn’t be reading them because they are boring”!? And to those that didn’t believe me, why do you think I’d go through the trouble of making up a bunch of this stuff just to gloat on some obscure article I found at 3 a.m a couple weeks after my first IQ test at school?!? I’m more mature than most 11-12 yr. olds. Not because of my IQ or achievements, on the contrary I just choose not to be one of the LOL yEPIC jUsT LiKe ForTnIte kids. I know people my age have a bad reputation, but not everyone is like that. And thanks to the supportive, nice people. The world needs more like you, not like the strangers who decided to yell at a random kid on the internet for “lying”. Stfu.

    1. Anastasia, your comments did sound a bit boastful. That’s not to say that you were trying to be mean, but some people are not born with “genius” abilities, and what you said might make them feel stupid or inferior. Take me, for example. I’ve made B’s my whole life, and everyone around me never lets me forget it. I feel stupid and dumb, and reading comments like yours made me feel like, well, a failure. Please just be sensitive to the fact that some people might have just been hurt by your bragging (even if you weren’t trying to brag).

    2. srsly tho, you TOTALLY were bragging. that DEFINITELY made people feel stupid!! pls be careful not to hurt others feelings, bragging hurts 🙁 Trust me, i know from experience- people brag all the time @ my school and i feel sooo stupid :(((
      so pls just dont brag like that, even if u werent meaning 2 brag.

    3. I’m just saying, if you were as mature as you deem yourself to be, you would have constructed the comment in a slightly less offensive way in order to not make the people with average IQ not feel bad. I feel like i need to stress that IQ is not the most important. Take Jack Ma for example, his IQ is not at all high, he barely graduated from a community college with a bachelor’s in english. Yet he has come to found and operate one of the world’s largest company’s.

    4. Don’t listen to the jerks kiddo.
      At 12 I was reading and studying Einstein’s plamic theories and if they were applicable to Paranormal effects and manifistations along with the saucer shaped UFOs power source. On the way to school, I had a main notebook and twin stacks of books on it. While waiting for the bus my fellow neighbourhood kids were fascinated when I showed them, all not slide-rule users, how superior the Japanese circular slide rule I had was. Still have it somewhere. I went and got 27 college credits in music and 19 in science and physics (aero as dad was a helicopter genius with many firsts) by graduation. At which point I was the first alternate to both West Point and the AirForce Academy. My youngest brother went the skip grades route. (he did not have a Swedish Ann Margaret built HS star of stage and gymnastics for a girlfriend) He had enough credits to graduate from HS before his 15th birthday in Nov. Stayed till end of the year anyway and then went to Rennsalear on scholarship.
      We had our debacles and tirades fro al the wannabes. we were habitual in the den watching TV while reading Current science books and magazines (Smithsonian and Scientific American when they were great).
      Chose your path and ignore the bums who want what you have but are not willing to live with always second-guessing oneself and Asperger’s Syndrome and al the baggage that comes with an IQ in the top 2%let alone up in the Tripple Nines and Four Sigma ranges.

    5. Wow, sweety pie. Mature, you say? Someone who was mature wouldn’t care if people who obviously had reason to doubt what they wrote on the internet thought it was dumb. Maybe, if you were really more mature, you wouldn’t have wrote anything at all. IF you really are a genius according to an IQ test, I know what you’re not a genius in. Emotional intelligence. This is obvious in the repetition in your comments, showing that something ready bothers you that someone with higher emotional intelligence woud’ve have accepted with a rational and practical look into what they might’ve done if presented with the same scenario (Random kid gloating about their alledged IQ) and why someone doubted their authenticity, compete with the feeling of not caring because they could put a harmless comment behind them.

  42. Nowhere does it state the differing IQ scales being used.
    The Cattell scale is only to 160/161 – and this certainly USED to be the one used by Mensa.
    I was told that Einstein’s was 160 because the measurement basically didn’t go any higher. That was when I got my 156 on my Mensa test.
    Do we seriously think these people with 200+ ( am pretty sure they are from a DIFFERENT scale!) are so much ‘sharper’ than Einstein. I doubt it.
    I have always said that my IQ means I can sometimes solve quite complex problems easily – and create complex problems when they don’t exist!

    1. I have a friend who is very smart! She graduated with her Masters with high marks when she was 20. I don’t know her IQ. I consider myself average. I have two years of college and got average grades all through school. Yet, I decided to make rooms in my basement. It was a completely empty basement…cement floor and block walls. I knew nothing about carpentry or tools etc. but I went to the store and bought 2 by 4’s nails etc and with the use of my dad’s old tools I inherited after his death, I went on my logic and put together rooms! I didn’t read directions, I just thought in my mind what I wanted to do and looked at what was offered in the stores and ended up putting in ceiling tiles laminate flooring,tile flooring, a bar etc! I would work on it on week ends and after work! In one year it was complete with seven rooms. I can put things together without directions. I can paint a picture to look exactly like the model. My friend cannot do any of these things and she is impressed that I can. I know she would out score me in any intelligence test! So is she smarter than me?

      1. No she is not. IQ means nothing about how ‘smart” you are– it is simply measures your “ability to reason,” as stated in the dictionary definition of IQ. So no, Sue, I’m sure you are just as smart as she is.

      2. Does its really matter? You should be proud of yourself and your friend should be too. It is really nice to have friends who have different skills and capabilities. They all make life more interesting.

      3. Does it really matter? You should be proud of yourself and your friend should be proud of herself. Having friends with a variety of skills and capabilities is wonderful.
        Competing with your friends may lose many of them. Compete with yourself alone. That way if you do your best, you are always the winner.

    2. Jerry’s “I have always said that my IQ means I can sometimes solve quite complex problems easily – and create complex problems when they don’t exist!”
      The first part of the statement:”I have always said that my IQ means I can sometimes solve quite complex problems easily ” has never been a source of embarrassment to me …..
      … but…
      … “and create complex problems when they don’t exist!” has.
      Well said!

  43. This forum is total, absolute waste of time and misleading in toto. Just like people talk of zodiac signs, likewisethey talk IQ. There is no such thing as an IQ except as a game. It has nothing with how smart a person is.

  44. There sure are alot of pretend geniuses here. “Oh I have this I.Q.” lol absolute horse shit. Who woulda thought this article managed to attract so many geniuses! Get a life. 99% of you are guaranteed under 100. Clearly.

    Btw, my i.q. is 7,000. See I can play make believe on the internet too!

    1. My IQ has been tested at about 120. , born 1953 Not Mensa standard, but still above average. (top 10% of the average population)
      I studied for 3 associate Diplomas in Chemistry, Biology and Library technician studies.
      I have currently written 4 science fiction books and one on new age/spirituality/ channeling
      My interests include science, science fiction, Theosophy, trans personal psychology, trans-humanism, pantheism and googology.

  45. IQ= A person who creates what others can not believe.

    XYZ = A program of mathematical definite answer

    If you understand this then we can talk

    1. I think I see where your going here.

      As expressed (literally)” IQ=”

      I > Pre defines a number as non existent and /or “imaginary”, when placed before any given number.
      Q > Any number that can be expressed as a written ratio of two integers. (“Rational”)

      So, (chuckles) depending on ones perspective, if you were to multiply the “imaginary” by the “rational” (chuckles,…snort) you would have the sum of “iqx” Which could be expressed in a wide variety of ways.

      XYZ math > Used when one is trying to calculate an indefinite integral

      Now this may not be what you were looking for, but (more chuckles and snorts, with a slight giggle) but If it were me , I would just simplify and say that they were ” Definitely legends in their own mind.” Thats just me though. I can be rather blunt at times.

  46. Got 3 out of 3 correct in the memory test. I have a fluid IQ of at least one burbot and a crystal IQ of at least two burbot.

  47. I have taken several IQ Tests from both college and just myself and always score between 125-129. Never able to hit 130 😤

    1. I graduated Valedictorian in 3D Computer Animation/Special Effects and then another degree on Dean’s list in Computer Graphics and have an A+ PC Tech certification. Thinking of going back to school for Computer Science. But no IQ dont really help you unless you put it to use! You can have an IQ of 160 and some1 with an IQ of 110 can be way more successful and intellectually smarter.

  48. Judit Polgar -“one of the strongest [Female] chess players of all time”. How does she stack up against men? Should I assume men and women compete in different leagues in chess?

  49. Dear Sir :
    I.Q. scores mean different things in infants to those in early childhood though these have some similar meaning to those in adults. However such score decline as age increases. In infancy SAVANT skills will inflate I.Q.’s. Put another way the `G loading’ factor increases over time. Spatial I.Q. is at a peek around 18 to 20 and is the fastest to decline. Verbal ability tops out around 30-40 years and remains stable till about age 70 and decline beyond this age is highly individual. Higher I.Q. people decline at the slowest rate.
    I have been a member of many high I.Q. societies; have remained a member of the most selective of all; and was for many years listed in the Guinness Book of World records. It is puzzling to me that those who publish such lists of High I.Q. individuals never seem to do their homework before writing up such lists !.

  50. I have an IQ of 140, I talked and walked at 7 months (without help) and I started reading news papers and literature when I was only 4. Some of these books includes: Laye Camara’s African Child, Ola Rotimi’s The Gods Are Not to Blame, Chike and the River, Anne of Green Gables, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm and more. I am very creative and have several self taught skills (hair styling, wig making, makeup artistry and practically anything that requires one to use their head and mind). I’m a recent graduate of Mathematics (graduated last year), a writer, speaker and currently taking a course in Investment Banking. I’m Nigerian and 20.

  51. I tested at 138 when I was 9 or 10. Because of how I felt that day, I think I got just a point or two lower than my true IQ, so I say I’m around 140 (which is true anyways).

  52. i think IQ means nothing. me and my brother both have IQs of about 140, but we don’t particularly excel in school, or even anything. I’ve met people with average IQ whom i consider to be more talented than i am in many things. It is good and admirable to achieve success and do great things with high IQ, but i realised that ultimately, the most important thing is to be content. Afterall, these things do not really matter.

    1. I make C’s and D’s in class and I hit 200 on the school issued test which was the max so I don’t think it ties in as much as many people think but it still means something.

  53. I have learned some essential things through your site post. One other point I would like to mention is that there are numerous games on the market designed specifically for toddler age children. They include pattern recognition, colors, dogs, and forms. These typically focus on familiarization as opposed to memorization. This keeps a child engaged without having the experience like they are studying. Thanks

  54. Although test with an IQ of 186, I concur that there is too high a deviation with any testing above 140 or so.

    1. If you have an IQ of 130, you are probably capable of both understanding what the measure means and the challenges posed by your question. If you don’t understand this answer, do a retest of your IQ.

    2. I’m going to start by saying that I don’t think you can’t increase your IQ. One’s IQ is a number that fluctuates a little bit, however (no offense) to increase by fifty points is impossible or so difficult that it couldn’t be achieved for thousands of years. However there are methods of increasing by a few points.

  55. I kid you not, my IQ was measured as 167 at a young age. I started college at the University of Leeds when I was 13 and received a Doctorate in Science (DSc) by age 19. I am currently a Synthetic Biologist in Birmingham.

  56. The “highest possible IQ” calculation clearly doesn’t match the rest of the article, which features several people with IQs above the max, many of whom lived or are living concurrently. Either the distribution of IQ scores is flatter than a normal distribution, or those people have inflated IQ estimates. Very silly article.

  57. Why, may I ask, “kudos for 109”? I was tested years ago after having a severe TBI and was told that particular day that my score is 109.

    1. I am intrigued to learn from this comment that supposedly an SAT score can be directly converted to IQ. That’s a winner.

  58. I was born on a dairy farm in 1946 and am an only child. My parents had a high educatiopn and did not understand that I was very smart. My father criticized me for spending too much time reading. He thought I should do more farm work. My mother was more sympathetic. She bought me two encyclopedias and an expensive trombone. I was the smartest child in grade school .I did not play sports or have very many friends and no girl friends.
    I took the
    sat test and got a score of 1475 which corresponds to an iq of 146.I went to penn state an graduated with a degree in engineering science and a gpa of 3.47. I got a job as a research aero engineer with the us navy. I still did not have many friends and was lonely. In 1969 the us navy sent me to mit . I graduated in 1970 with a MS in aero engineering. I went to the u niversity of pennsylvania from 1974 to 1979 and earned a second MS in systems engineering. In 1984 I quit my government job to start a consulting business. In 1985 I earned a professional engineering license. I became depressed and the business failed in 1987. I finally m arried a woman who was a medical technologist i 1980 and had a daughter in 1983. My daughter became a textile engineer in 2001.
    after my business failed I went to
    drexel college night school and earned a
    bs degree in electrical and computer engineering. I worked at a series of jobs from 1988 until 2005. None of the jobs were very successful and I was fired about five times and quit my job two times I took early retirement in 2005 after being fired for the last time. My wife died in 2017, but I have a good retirement i ncome because of savings and investments. I am now looking for a girl friend and frequently visit my daugther who has three children who are very smart. My son-in-law has an iq of 155 and my daughter and wife are probably around 130. I am finally happy after a long struggle with the effects of high iq

  59. Board of education here in Broome County NY forced me to take a IQ test.I was in 8th grade had only gotten two questions wrong on the finals.The thought I cheated lol🤣Had to retake the same test in front of a officer and the board.After I score perfect the second time around,I was forced to take the IQ test.148 I got.I have been hit alot in my head,now have TBI!My score went down yes it is possible.120-133!I’m trying to build it back up not sure if it will ever be 148 again due to brain injury!Idk why I made a comment here I guess to tell my story as to what happened.

  60. My IQ was just tested by a psychiatrist and was recorded at 194, it is a blessing and a curse. It is hard for me to hold conversations with most people because they bore me with their banal assertions. It is hard when you have so few equals around the world.

    1. I was tested by my school psychologist and I have an IQ of 161, none of my friends have ever really compared, but someone at my school is apparently a genius and got a 33 or a 34 on the ACT, we’re in 7th grade, (I got a 29 so people think I’m not as smart, but I just moved so I haven’t had the opportunity to take as many advanced classes and learn as much as him) so I’d like to meet him and see how he actually measures up.

    2. Well there’s your problem. You look at yourself as better than most people. You start off by looking down your nose at them, with your IQ as the excuse to do so. Stop bragging about how smart you are, and learn how to be patient with people. You are smart enough to do that, yes? I know someone as smart as you, and they’ve said their eyes were opened when they learned to see from other people’s perspectives. Meet as many people as you can and if you really listen, you will learn much more that you ever thought you could from them.

  61. If it is a test, an individual can prepare for it. This creates a very subjective and invalid aspect for accurate measurement. They may know the specific knowledge but not the total knowledge. IS is about as useful as ACT and SAT to determine if someone will actually persevere and finish what they started. Just doesn’t work.

  62. So you calculate one individual at of above 194 in a world population of 7B, then list seven individuals above 200 in the US (pop. ~330M) alone? Go do the math (s)!

  63. The irony of the (IQ) tests themselves, center on the fact that those who wrote them were the byproducts of their own isolated enculturation directives, and therefore, the tests are flawed (though not completely worthless; I scored 149 at 40 in the late 90’s); however, the underlying meaning of said results is also confined (and perhaps contaminated) by and in direct proportion to one’s enculturation paradigm/s. All truly intelligent people know this fact; not impacted in any way egocentrically, truly intelligent people are more like a calculator; their brains process the data, and have no emotional attachment to said results (think fictional character, Sheldon Cooper; BBT-fame). Highly intelligent people enjoy reading long text-data, whereas the less intelligent drift and tag things (like this post) with TLDR (a short attention span).

    For example, mathematics should represent only a fraction of said testing. While it is vital for many functions, math alone is not a trustworthy barometer of high intellect; nor is mere textbook regurgitation (think Kim Peek). Unless of course, your enculturation (or micro-experiences) are limited to the world of Science (predominant in Western cultures these days), and even then, most science relies on more basic math. For example, Algebra is analogous to learning a Second Language, more so than it is to (alphanumeric) mathematics, based upon how the brain manages it. All people with high intelligence already knows this. {Note the differentiation made between high IQ score and true intellect? Good!} Keyword search: “why so many fail Algebra”.

    Another factor would be self-delusion; even herein, there is evidence of this. All with high intelligence have mastered their native languages, in childhood no less, both in terms of speaking and writing skills (at least use spellcheck if you want to fake it better folks). It is impossible for a person with a high intellect to then write (or communicate) as if they are still in Middle School. But since they are not truly intelligent (just deluded, even by IQ test results), they are oblivious to this otherwise observable fact. It is always advisable to learn two or more human languages, but mastering at least one is preferred.

    Which brings us to what true intellect is, or is calculated by: high IQ would begin with overall maturation of/in the human experience (again, the Cooper Paradox, or the Nerd Culture). Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is foundational to a high intellect. Cooper always comes up with the most irrational (stupid) examples to justify himself, hence the humor; and this, as a fictional character holding a supposedly high IQ position at (what?) a prestigious Western University. Being conquered by one’s ego, is itself, a sign of low-to-average intellect, even among those who have mastered mathematics. I have a TI-84 and know how to use it; let’s move on.

    E.g: I have not spent one second of the past 5 decades, giving a microscopic crap what anyone thinks of me. You can call me a genius, or a moron, and I do not care either way. Why? Because I know! The calculator simply displays the answer to the typed-in query; it does not care if you believe the answer or not: A fact remains a fact, regardless of how many (if any) living entities, acknowledges it or not. Mathematically speaking (therefore), the emotionally immature simply spend too many waking hours defending their ego to learn more during that time. Even now, they will not study to learn more facts before responding (to me or this article); the ego demands a swift rebuttal; it must be defended at all costs. Flexing one’s mathematical prowess (hint-hint) is itself a display of egocentrism, not of ultimate wisdom.

    Consequently, we end up with specialized (IQ or other) testing paradigms, which in themselves therefore, do not display or manifest the workings of a truly intelligent (wise) individual. But they do sell! Get it now? Think way beyond the monetization paradigm that shapes your enculturation. Only then will you master what critical (out-of-the-box) thinking is! That’s just wise. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must refill my cup with organic Ginkgo Biloba tea.

    1. No you aren’t. The fact that you make that kind of false statement proves it. Also, “Smart” does not exist, only intelligence in certain catagory’s. I’m almost certain that say, Caesar would be MUCH more of an assistance in battle compared to Hawking.

    2. I think I catch a hint of ironic humor in your reflection. Genius is really how you are going to use it, and later, how broad of a base group you will one day serve – help out in.
      I know, I’m 62 and wiser.

  64. In 1993, I was evaluated for brain surgery to control epileptic seizures and, as part of the pre-surgical testing I was given an IQ test on which I scored a 118. Six months after my surgery in which my amygdala and hippocampus were removed all of my pre-surgical tests were repeated and my IQ results increased to 127. I cannot explain this as and I certainly do not believe IQ equals intelligence. In all honesty, I was never able to complete more than one year of college but, consider myself “smarter “ than most of my friends who did.

  65. To the people saying that the highest possible IQ correlates to the size of the population… sigh.. No. No it doesn’t. That’s not what the standard deviation is telling you.

    1. IQ is generally supposed to stay the same throughout your life, isn’t it? If you actually managed that I’d like to know how, I just turned 13 and a couple months ago was tested and got a 161. That generally isn’t how IQ works as far as I’m aware though

  66. To my surprise i got an IQ of 234. I was tested at a special facility meant for psychological mind inputs.

      1. Yeah I think a lot of us research IQ mainly because we’ve been tested and have high IQ’s. I got tested at my school for gifted and talented and got a 161 a couple months ago and I wanted to learn a lot more about IQ after that.

      2. Or we are smarter than that and know that IQ is not the most accurate way to measure intelligence. My IQ is not neccesarily high but i can beat a lot of top percentile IQ students at almost any catagory. IQ is useless if you don’t work hard.

  67. My IQ is 183 to 190 and it all self tough from playing guitar keyboards. To being a electronic, s tec to a vast understanding of law .ect its up to the person to expand their mind most schooling can’t give you all you need to be smart. It only helps to a point

    1. Self taugh (spelling); guitar AND? keyboards (grammer) ; electronic,s [sic] should be electronics punctuation and grammer); etc. NOT .ect (punctuation and spelling); it’s up NOT its up (punctuation); start a new sentence after mind (grammar). A genius tec [sic]? I doubt it!

  68. My IQ was tested twice at 174, & my wife’s at 172. We’re both long-time engineers, & run our two corporations.

  69. There are quite a few articles out there expressing doubt about the Emeagwali score; though my cursory glance at them did not show what I would regard as any good authorities disproving the claim, they do raise the legitimate question what the source is which is claimed to prove it for the purposes of this article.

  70. Dear Juan,

    what are your sources for the listed IQ numbers? More specifically, where did you get the number 190 for Philip Emeagwali?


  71. I’ve done’s online home test and got a score of 138 which would at the time qualify me for mensa. Too scared to do the supervised one in fear of scoring worse though 🙁

  72. I tested in school at 148, then got the same score 20 years later.
    Not bothered testing in the last ten, but I’m sure that it can’t have deviated too much.

  73. It’s funny seeing all the 13 year olds explaining how their IQ is 160, but don’t realive that looking up free IQ test isn’t going to give you an accurate representation of your acual score.

    1. Ok, I don’t think you’re aware, but for many gifted and talented programs in middle school, they have you take an IQ test with a certified psychologist. I had to take it and I got a 161, so it’s perfectly possible that other people have done the same.

      1. Juliet, I am 12 years old. That might not seem relevant but it is. The only test that is truly accurate is the MENSA test. Would you like to guess why? Because the IQ of the Psychologist is most definitly not high enough to judge the IQ of other people. On the other hand, MENSA is a collection of the greatest minds in our era. They have the right to judge. And i need to stress that IQ is nothing, i have been proven to be much superior in all ways to my 170-180 IQ schoolmates. All that matters is hard work. In theory a 70 IQ human could be much more intelligent than someone with 200 IQ.

      2. Cool, I’m 26 and am actually currently going through a professional, licensed STANDARDIZED IQ TEST that only about a dozen people in the state are qualified to give, and the STANDARDIZED test literally only goes to 160. That is the highest someone’s IQ can be realistically tested for, and testing for anything higher requires a massively more complicated test. So anyone saying they tested for IQ and got 161 or something and higher is most likely full of it. It’s not impossible, but let’s put it this way. 132 is the point at which you can get into a SOCIETY for individuals with a high IQ. 160 is the highest the standardized test can test someone at, and each test tends to cost about a thousand dollars to take (I’ve gotten mine for free from a professional Psychologist, before anyone suggests it’s fake and I got ripped off.) So no, I really, really do not believe any of these people claiming that they are at 160 or above at, pretty much any age. People with that level of IQ aren’t searching the internet for lists of IQ records on “”.

  74. My IQ is 151 and I turn 13 in a month. I found out through the test for gifted at my school because we have a certified psychologist do it.

  75. I have an IQ of 148 but have never completed a course in education. I was just in an ordinary class during primary education and found it incredibly frustrating. I would read all the text books in the first week of the new term each year and spend the rest of the year bored out of my mind. By the time I was 12 I just stopped going in as I found it so frustrating. There are so many extra helps for those who have learning difficulties etc, but people like me fell through the cracks. Now in middle age, I see people I went to school with doing really well in their careers and driving nice cars while I still work in manual labour. I used to teach these guys mathematics during break times. If I could afford to get more education I would, but am economically trapped and probably will remain so.
    The moral of the story : stay in school…

    1. With your intelligence you can go to college and end the feeling of being lost or left behind. Start by going to the most inexpensive community or online college and complete at least 4 basic courses in one year. Make As. Then, reassess your motivation to achieve and what is needed to succeed in your chosen profession. Most employers require a degree. Or they tend to promote the candidate with the degree/highest level of education. The degree does not communicate how smart you are, but it will tell future/potential employers or customers, you are motivated, driven, responsible, and more.

  76. When I was one and half years old, I behaved very differently from other todlers. My mom worried that I was retarded so she took me to do an IQ test. The score was 145 and the doctor assured my mom that there was nothing wrong with me. But life has never been easy for me. I’m from a culture that doesn’t tolerate “difference” much. You could possibly imagine how much pain I have been through as a high IQ but very low EQ “abnormal”. If I could have chosen, I’d rather choose the opposite.

    1. I feel your pain. I went through the same things, though I was able to blend in a little by trying to appear less intelligent most of the time. I was always struggling with emotional control, and still do to this day, but have learned much wisdom over the years. It gets better.

    2. You have the intelligence to raise your EQ and pretend to blend in if you so desire. Life is not easy for anyone. Why would you think having a high EQ and a low IQ would offer you better or more advantages? Be glad for who you are and exploit your own differences and mask your deficiencies using your intelligence.

      1. Then please let us know how to find out what our score was when we were tested as a child. Thank you

      2. Start by going to the faciity where you were tested. If it was a public school, records might be available at the administration offices of the school district, if not on file at the school.

  77. To author Juan Ramos:
    Dear Mr. Ramos:
    If you are going to post “English” articles, you should have a native English speaker and writer edit your posts. While I appreciate your insights in the “Highest Recorded IQ” piece, some of your paragraphs are un-readable in English. Over the years I’ve noted that the Spanish construction of “store to I go” –
    (which includes the gender of the speaker), does not convert naturally into the English: “I’m going to the store,” or “I went to the store,” or “I have been to the store,” or “She is going to the store.”

    My observations for native Spanish speakers, who learn ONLY conversational English, is that they make the mistakes you made in your enlightening article, e.g. Missing prepositions and conjunctions; along with mistakes in sentence structure. I suggest you take an English class where you are taught how to “diagram sentences” in English.

    I can testify that after two such errors on a website, your efforts to influence readers will fail because English writers and speakers DECIDE – at that point – that it is a Third World author, “So why waste my time?” After 25-years on the Internet, we – (Americans) – have all gotten the Nigerian composed Email about the millions of dollars we can collect by paying a minor tax fee… written so poorly in English that we know to INSTANTLY dismiss it.

    This DECISION is also made about native Asian Language speakers when we encounter similar subtle mistakes in the construction of English sentences. To prove my point, buy ANY Asian manufactured and packaged product and read the “Consumer Instruction Booklet.” Their English is almost ALWAYS convoluted, and – thus – un-readable…. Which means that North Americans simply dismiss the author as “Uneducated” and “Third World” …. EVEN if your IQ is 160!!!

    I know that sounds arrogant, but just as I could not be a diplomat in the Eighteenth Century without speaking French, you cannot negotiate the 21st Century successfully without speaking –
    (and writing) – English. Today, English is the universal language of Higher Education, Science, Pilots, Accountants, Bankers, and Diplomats.

    I hope this helps. Bill Ball

      1. While I believe that everyone needs an editor–and every website should employ one–it is indeed unfortunate that you would offer such a polite reply to such an unnecessarily racist comment. Of course non-native English speakers make mistakes. Those of us who learn languages other than our own always do. The poster himself makes numerous errors in punctuation and syntax, yet believes himself right to go on at length about the implications of non-native speakers’ errors. How typical.

      2. People who aren’t race aware and use that rasict claim are my mortal enemy. Death to the anti-racists who push the lie that all the subspecies are the same or capable of the same. Tell that to Subsaharan Africa, no wheel and no fire control at all, eating babies and cannibalizing other members of other tribes, humans with brain-eating prions and diseases to keep superior thinking productive worthy people away. Or the basic moderate Muslim forced to act and think stupid regardless of whether they had a brain with a mind when they were born. Or a Democrat who might not realize its not a choice of sides but an age of maturity that makes the philosophical differences. What a dummy I have been thinking that most high IQ people would come here and read and comment. You’re probably pro male rainbow predatory rape as well, being a female with no idea of what is right for men and society. Calling someone racist to shut down truth. You will lose.

      3. Further, the fact that the author’s name is Juan Ramos in no way allows readers to assume *anything* about him.

        I work as a professional editor and encounter atrocious grammar, a complete lack of coherence, and seeming unfamiliarity with even the basics of punctuation on a weekly basis from English-speaking Americans–and never mind their lack of interest in trying to learn other languages. And yet, they’ll gleefully pronounce non-native speakers unworthy of expressing themselves in English because they make mistakes.

        I applaud that you went through and cleaned up the article. More websites should do so! But I’m actually appalled that you would respond to the poster as if he is just making a simple “helpful” observation.

      4. Hi Jennifer, thanks for the comments. I completely agree with you. Juan is one of our top writers.

    1. Store to I go too also, to ball Bill. Bill is no go to ball with laugh be he bill and no ball. Must go I to newspeak then English where say he “Engrish” to?

    2. I would be happy to hear your perfect speaking in Spanish and other languages of the world, you proud “English Native Speaker” Unfortunately, a big % of “Natives”, like you, seems to have too low IQ to understand speaking which is even 1promille different that speaking of Queen Elizabeth… Not to mention that the most stupid, obvious mistakes in language ALWAYS come from so called “Native Speakers”, such proud to have “perfect” language. Time for a bit of humility, Mr Englishman. From where you take this conviction that perfect speaking and writing in yours and ONLY YOURS language is a crown of the intelligence?

    3. Bill, a small reminder that you are a United States American, not just an american. We all are Americans from the cold areas of Alaska to the cold areas of the Patagonia. Therefore, before giving a Juan Ramos an English lesson online, you should get off the world wide web, visit a library and read some geography. By the way, don´t say that you´re from the United States only, because below California you have the United States of Mexico. The only thing that separates all people in the United States of America is a damn accent. What a shame.

  78. The author of this article does not understand what IQ represents. Every 15 IQ points is one standard deviation above the mean. This makes IQ in excess of 200 mathematically impossible. An IQ of 160 represents a 50000-1 intellect likely the highest anyone is likely to meet in a lifetime. An IQ of 175 is 3.5 million to 1. Anything beyond this is an exercise in futility. e.g. we can assume 225 to be the IQ of God.

      1. You can’t even test the IQ of the inventors of any other 22,000 plus versions of the fiction of God because they are all dead. Forcing a person with a mind to break all the rules of reason and logic is the greatest persecution of our times.

        That being said I support the Christian countries as white race society and since they were the first to allow A-thinker to live, we have reached the stars. God of the dead books is no more real than the Mythical creatures of the Odyssey and Illiad.

        You can trust when I say, for those who can’t think it through they need that invention and I support that need. I don’t need it and neither all the lowest IQ animals and the Highest IQ animals who are united in the front against fiction sold to children of the mind as literal.

        Plus understand this just because Darwin and evolution is false in so many ways will never make god real in any way. All the evidence for evolution is a misread but fits the highest IQ discovery of Prevolution, which you can never come across in your life unless you have at least 8 PhDs since you need quantum and variable time and parallel worlds understanding to realize this core truth.

    1. According to your math, an IQ of 200 would be around 245 million – 1. There are about 7 billion people in the world meaning there are approximately 28 people in the world with an IQ of around 200. There have been about 100 billion humans alive in the history of humanity meaning there would be approximately 408 humans in the history of the world with an IQ of around 200 or higher. While higher IQs probably are impossible according to this math, the math of IQs is still something we don’t fully understand. Next time think before you try to discredit someone.

      1. There are only 8 others like myself or above in the world alive today. One of us requires the planet to be filled up 3 times to get another one in the maths a 1 in 21 billion. They claim I have 216. But I debate that (I wrote the EQ book stole by a teacher and wrote the SQ book that I decided not to publish) and believe that living around normal people that seem like they have never closely observed anything that matters, (hand sweeps over my head) has lowered my IQ a couple points. But thankfully I invented a method to boost it up again that takes all but 15 minutes.

        So children do this, 15 minutes before a test, any test, drink down 2 to 3 glasses of chilled but not cold water. Not the fountain trick, a glass so you don’t short yourself on volume. Be well, prospect, don’t associate with anti-money dolts who can’t do the math on what you will need in your future.

        BE Kind to the Animals.

    2. I was wondering if anyone reading this might be able to answer a question I have about 2 people who died in recent history, but were both widely known. They both died in their mid 20s sadly The first being a researching harvard fellow by the name of Aaron Swartz. Died at the age of 26 in 2013. I simply seem unable to find out what his was, and his wiki should be updated with it. Because of where he got in life and accomplished by the age of 26, I think he might deserve an honorable mention.

      Then their is the 25 year old who died back in 1996 that even over 20 years after his death still carrys a net worth of 40million. He grew up without even power during school. Yet was on a path of becoming a great leader. I’m talking about Tupac Shakur. Who showed great leadership potential every time he spoke trying to bridge the division in society for a better life for all. In 1992 he and Dr. Mutulu Shakur not only wrote the Document called “Thug Life” but he got the 2 outlaw gangs in cali to aggree to it. As it was a set of rules and ethics to protect the Community that was not involved with their illegal activities. There’s a link if you would like to read the code yourself.

      I suggest Tupac because on they state his IQ being 159(prob an est), and his success with his choosen profession and community. Also the fact, he left behind a impact that is still highly spoken of today and worth 40million. All done in his short 25 years.

      Stil can’t find anything on Aarons IQ though.

      1. I would doubt Tupac’s IQ to be average. His main demographics had low IQs, the content of his songs is lacking at best, and his rhetoric was quite poor. I’d estimate him to have been around a 90 at best. Wealth/Net Worth and IQ are not correlated. No one would suggest that Oprah could match wits with Michio Kaku, yet I’m sure her net worth is a thousand times higher. I don’t think of Lil Wayne as a genius, but if we assume income to be related to IQ, then he’s smarter than anyone who has ever worked for NASA. IQ is a measure of ability to conceptualize the complex and the abstract. Rap, in general, deals with the concrete, much as those with low IQs do. That doesn’t mean they can’t succeed. If the process is organized enough to change very little on a daily basis, then they can do well. If it relies on marketing or interacting with people, then SQ is the better measurement, assuming the conversation itself is not complex. And I’d be willing to say that, in general, those who are more social and who are less inhibited tend to be better at dealing with others. In general, rappers may better at dealing with others. I don’t see the appeal, but then again, I’m a mathematician. I’m not in their target demographic, and as such, I don’t think they are trying to speak to me.

    3. We have neither a clearly standardized definition of high intelligence, nor any understanding of the factors which contribute to instances of it. While mathematical contructs such as statistics are reasonably good at predicting general outcomes, they are rarely good at predicting anomalies, which anyone with a significantly high IQ becomes, even statistically. Saying that something is mathematically impossible does not preclude its existence, it merely indicates that the predictive model’s ability to predict its frequency is no longer effective. This is because the IQ score itself is a raw result, and not a function of its overall distribution. It is entirely possible that someone out there has an IQ of 350, but since the predictive methodology of standard deviations discounts it as a possibility, the chances of finding that person are extremely low.

      Just sayin’.

      1. Nope.
        IQ represents a point on a standard distribution curve, and it simply tells you what percentage of the population you’ve scored better than, with 15 points being one standard deviation.

        According to Population Reference Bureau, about 107 billion people have ever lived on planet Earth.

        That means the theoretical maximum IQ should represent 1 in 107 billion.
        This is somewhere a little above 6.8 standard deviations.

        But let’s even calculate with 7 (which represents about 1 in 390 billion, a number we’re not going to need anytime soon)

        7*15 = 105
        100 + 105 = 205

        So, an IQ of 205 is already impossible, even theoretically.
        Yes, there is a predictive part of IQ calculation, but that’s only because it’s not possible to measure each and every person’s score.

        Simply put: if you’re racing against 10 people, you can’t beat 12.

      2. I remember when I broke the record in college-level accounting. The entire year in ten days, ten tests and a final. No errors and not even a pencil mark correction.

        However, the way stats work I was not 100% in the middle even with 100% correct and high spread answers. IQ is not just patterns and realizations it is speed as well.

        I would also say the prediction in my case is genetics. There are geniuses in this family for 1400 years. No one in my immediate family has it but me. My grandfather had it on my mother’s side.

        OK I think I will shut up now and go back to inventing your future. Most of what you enjoy came from me, just so you know.

    4. Hi Andrew, Maths is not perfect. 🙂 There are things in the world that we do not realize yet. Someone who is not born yet may have an IQ well beyond anyone whose history records we can check. IQ may actually be infinite. When someone realises that, he will also realize that the Mensa IQ tests may actually not be 100% accurate.

    5. How dare you to even talk about God and take God into consideration for your IQ tests. He CREATED the Universe and gave you the intelligence that you and every one from day one has. These IQ numbers may have a scientific significance, but they certainly don’t mean anything, unless God Almighty gave them the knowledge at their conception.
      “In the beginning, God” created the universe, and intelligence. Read Genesis, chapter 1 until the seventh day.

      1. You can’t exactly say that because you have an even lower IQ. You don’t even use proper grammar!

      2. Which God do you mean? There have been/are thousands of Gods as you may know. Nobody has never been able to show that his/her God really exists or that this particular God created the universe.

        Most of these Gods have no idea of the Universe. Has yours? I do not believe so. When some guys concocted the Bible out of different earlier religions, they did not know anything about science. By the way, why was your God so mean that he/she did not give you a higher intelligence than what you have and also gave a great number of people very low intelligence, increasing the suffering of the human race..

        Genesis is no more trustworthy than many different sagas even older than your bible.

        What I learned from the Bible is that God and Jesus are very stupid beings with a very low IQ. Why would an omnipotent God create a world with so much wrongdoings. Who is so stupid that he would create a human being like us. Why would he do that? If he did not have any other alternative than to sacrifice his own son, then he is really stupid. Any intelligent God would have found a better alternative.

        My conclusion is that intelligence and God should not be discussed in the same context , at all … for the simple reason that there is no God ….. or there have been thousands of Gods created by people with higher intelligence and fantasy. These creative people could then rule the world… and are still ruling because of so many believing in sagas.

      3. Yeah OK, guess you can believe anything, god right up there with leprechauns, unicorns and the fly spaghetti monser.

      4. Yeah leave her alone and read your Genius, a divine book packed full of useful information for the information space age we live in today.

      1. God doesn’t have IQ, he is IQ (so to speak). So his IQ abilities transcend having infinitive IQ.
        Just as God doesn’t _know_ truth, He is truth

      2. I like the person who referred to God as “Him.” As soon as you put testicles on God, you’re limiting God. We need to put a special pronoun out there for God. God is of all possible “genders”, whether or not God even has a definable gender. How about just saying “God” instead of “He” or “She”? “God” is only three letters, after all. It’s not like we refer to God as “The Mighty Power Who Created the Universe, and Also Defined Planck’s Constant.”

    6. There is a big difference between statistically impossible and mathematically impossible. A person with IQ which is 10 billion to 1 can still be born with current global population; it’s just the probability of this thing happening is very low. Otherwise according to your reasoning, if I build a robot that kills people randomly until only one left on earth, he/she must has IQ with 100, which is obviously absurd.

    7. Brie,
      In a reply to Jeannette’s comment about how she believes in God and the Bible, you said, “Welp, guess you don’t know what ‘Everyone has their own opinions’ means.” That was not a very intelligent statement. If you really believe that everyone has the right to believe what they want to, then why are you taking down Jeannette for standing up for what she believes in? Why are you criticizing her for believing that there is a God? You are claiming that everyone has their own opinions, yet you are criticizing her for hers. She wasn’t even being rude or cruel to the people who insulted God; she was just standing up for her own beliefs, and here you are, putting her down for it. I personally am not a very religious person and don’t identify myself under a certain religion, but I do know that putting someone down for believing in God (or no God, so to speak) is simply not OK. I am not trying to put you down; I am just letting you know that you may have hurt Jeannette by what you said, and that your comment was a bit insensitive.
      Brie, whether you are Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Athiest, unafilliated, or something else, I know that you are probably a smart, kind, caring person, and you didn’t mean to be unsensitive.

      1. Yassss Agatha, I agree. And I do believe that the statement “Everyone has their own opinions” is true…that’s why we vote for presidents and things…but that is her belief and we have freedom of speech in America.

      2. I would like to say that I recently became a Christian and agree 100% to what Jeannette said. Jesus Christ created each and every one of us and gave us each unique talents, gifts, and skills. While I do stand by my statement in which I said that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, I do admit that there is a certain truth that comes from the Scriptures that surpass any scientific knowledge or other set of beliefs.

  79. I have a question do you remember me at the feeling station you told me you didn’t understand me when I was talking perfect English maybe I was slurring a little bit but you said it was because the music was loud most likely only to not make me feel bad but I like people that is real so tell me how high do you think my IQ is

    1. So you calculate one individual at of above 194 in a world population of 7B, then list seven individuals above 200 in the US (pop. ~330M) alone? Go do the math (s)!

      1. Sadly many 1-2%ers prefer to find errors purely for discreditation. I think its their personal IQ process where for every one-human-fault or error ‘found” (not their own of course) equals an extra IQ point to their quotient.
        Perception being reality, I hope my enemies think I’m stupid but my friends just enjoy my company. Although I could raise my IQ by trashing some of the others….naaah, Ill leave that delusional rating method to them.
        There is genius everywhere, not only in the few who can follow the theory of everything (m).

    2. I have an IQ of 146. I am eleven years old and learned to talk at age one and was a self-taught reader by age 2. I read “The Hobbit” by J.R.R Tolkein at age 4, and have now read several college textbooks on biology and chemistry. My father (who is a professor at Villanova University) is also planning to give me his course on history this summer. Though I am in only sixth grade, I started kindergarten at the age of 4 due to my ability to read. I have won several awards in writing and science trivia, and I have never gotten a grade below an A-. I am in a gifted and talented class at my school, and am enrolling into an online enrichment program for intelligent students. I have included this information in order to show people who visit this page what a child with a “genius or near genius” IQ is capable of.

      1. You go girl! What a beautiful talent you have. I only have 139. Good your father takes care of your talent, hope you’ll like physics, I do.

      2. Hi Anastasia, I’m Mark. I’m three years old and as I’m typing this I’m also finishing my sixth PhD in Chemical Engineering. At the age of 1 I was able to beat Magnus Carlsen in two moves. Great to see another gifted kid!

      3. Oof, this narcissism hits hard! No one really, y’know, cares what a child of ‘near-genius level’ is capable of. I was also an all A student, that was until I realized that no one cares in the real world. Honestly, you’ve achieved the same amount of awards that an average child with a genuine work ethic can achieve. Your not capable of much more than someone that works hard. Even if you have a high IQ, and it’s also pretty obvious you really lack in emotional maturity. Also, why are you reading college text books? To gloat? Those are boring, even if you understand everything in there.

      4. I wish to point out sir or ma’m, that your writing really sounds to me like you’re jealous. While some of the points you make are, sadly, true, this eleven year-old-girl is able to do things that you will never be able to do. It’s not her fault that this world is full of bigots who discriminate against anything from sexual orientation, race and gender to people with unusually high IQ’s and autistic people. Obviously you do not know what it’s like to be someone who has an unusually high IQ. It’s very hard, as one often encounters a communication barrier with those of an IQ much lower than theirs, thus leading to social problems. As someone who has experienced these things first hand don’t try to lecture me on anything that you think you know about her or people like her or me. I wish to point out that I am currently fourteen years of age – newly so as well, in June. I advise that if you wish to respond to this, first take a deep breath.

      5. My favorite thing these days is when a lower or low IQ individual can’t get past an idea that is simple for we “the group of human minds top performers” embarrassed them just by our existence in the world and they pull out an abusive misused terminology named after some average IQ so-called scientist. They call it Dunning-Kruger when you say something so smart and clever but they can’t wrap their dendrites around it. From cartoons on the smart monkey is taken down by the brute force monkey. For those reasons and more I am out. My 216, means I have never physically met anyone at my level because I have never met any of this article mentionable specimens. I never thought my testing mattered all 6 times, or when the government sent in 6 men in black to turn me into a national weapon. Although all your problems are simple for me, I also have solved one-third of the planet’s problems although I am unimpressed and you will die because I will not share with the subspecies that can’t think correctly about even the most basic things that matter. One-third of what humans need as a base foundation for expression and happiness is missing and hidden so you don’t know what you need and you never ask or work toward it. If I had my way everyone would be made to wear external ID so that people could avoid the arguments of unmatched challengers, and so that I could be left alone and not have to deal with the moronic level of obtuse opinions of out false leaders, (not leading me) and their catering to numbnuts at the middle of the bell curve. 100 is grocery bag boy retarded. Also for the kind personalities with low 100 IQ’s you are greater than you think because kindness is more valuable than you’ve been told. If you want to know what matters I will tell you what matters. Humor. All low and useless people have no sense of humor about most things including themselves. We all know that narcissists were a story about a person who never existed and its a low IQ way out of looking stupid around your superior intellects. If someone says they are smart and cant laugh you’re dealing with a fraud. Everything is funny but most of all know this, High IQ is hell on the planet of the ape level intelligence, and lonely, and no guarantee of material success, other than myself because I well nevermind, AND we all make mistakes unrelated to the high-speed high-resolution minds we have that often know the answer before the question. I love my dyslexia and my grammar faux pas and my conceptual contrarianism, all of it. All my genius screw up make me laugh and jump for joy inside because I get to feel like the typical idiot like the rest you who fit in without any notice that you are HFA or different in any way. God, I love my dangling modifiers and my complex compound errors. Peace out kids.

      6. lol. I’m a twelve year old and OOF! Y’all are pretty adorable, being all gullible and sucking up to every little letter these kids type.

      7. Uh i’m pretty certain that such a genius wouldn’t spell Tolkien’s name wrong. “Tolkein”. Nice Giveaway.

      8. What this comment section is like:
        I am 1 year old and have a 300 IQ.
        [insert accomplishments and arrogance here]
        [insert social issues and here]
        The people with truly high IQs probably would not waste their time to comment. Therefore, I must be average like the rest of you morons.



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