Share Your Research On Science Trends

Science Trends is a free platform that connects scientists and their peer-reviewed research with a global audience through self-directed press releases.

Science Trends welcomes authors of recently published peer-reviewed research to submit an original synopsis of their research. As part of the feature, your research will be publicized to over 500,000 scientists from around the world. It’s important to emphasize that we are not an academic journal and ask for absolutely no compensation.

Guidelines & Requirements

Our aim is to provide you, as the author and knowledge-holder of your research, the freedom to share your research as you see fit. However, we do maintain a few broad guidelines.

  • The basis for your feature must be published in a reputable peer-reviewed journal.
  • You must be one of the authors of the peer-reviewed journal article.
  • Features must be original, with no overlap from the peer-reviewed journal article or any other published source.
  • While we do not have an upper word limit, we’d like the feature to be at least 500 words.
  • Features should be written toward a general science educated audience.
  • Any use of previously published images should adhere to the publisher’s copyright. In many cases, publishers allow authors the reuse of their journal article images with upon request.

The Process

To start the journal article feature process please send us an email (address below) making sure to include the following:

  • The recently published journal article that you would like to feature
  • The journal the paper was published in
  • Your title and association with the journal article

Once approved, we ask that you send a draft synopsis of your research. From there, our editor will format and prepare the article for publication and send you a preview for your comments and approval before publishing. We focus on a quick turnaround, features typically take only a few days from draft to publication.

For reference, here are a few recent features from Harvard University, NASA, and the Mayo Clinic:



Do you charge any fees?

No, Science Trends does not charge any fees or seek any compensation from authors. This is a core part of our mission, to share science freely from the researchers to the public.

Do you have a deadline?

While we don’t have a specific deadline for features, we find those published shortly after the journal article is released get the best additional press and exposure. We realize you’re busy and are happy to work with your schedule. Feel free to connect with us to discuss further.

What is the typical turn around time?

We strive for this process to be both quick and easy. Our goal is to send you an article preview within 2 business days of receiving the draft synopsis of your research. From there, we will make any changes you request and publish within a day or two.

Should I include figures/images?

You are welcome to provide your own figures or images as long as you are the copyright holder or the images are under Creative Commons. If you’d like to use a figure from your journal article, we find the best results when authors request reuse of the image from the publisher. Typically, this is allowed with prior approvals. Alternatively, we are happy to source images on our end.

How much exposure will my article get?

Your feature will be published on our homepage and shared on our social media accounts, connecting your research with over half a million people. However, we find best results when authors share the feature with their press team, and on their department or lab’s website.