What Is The Meaning Of Moonstone?

What is the meaning of Moonstone? Moonstone is a crystal that is associated with inner goodness but is also a symbol of both sensuality and fertility.

If you are interested in crystal and want to know the meaning of moonstone, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will go through everything you might want to know about this fascinating crystal.

The first thing that we must say about moonstone is that it gets its name because it is said to channel the moon. The moon has a powerful and real influence on our planet, pushing and pulling as it does our ocean tides. But it is also said to have an impact on our emotions.

That is why some people believe that the moonstone can help with issues caused by any kind of instability, and not only when it comes to our emotions. Many people are reminded to the dark night sky and the light that only the moon can provide until the sun rises again.

Moonstone Has a Positive Meaning

As we have already mentioned, moonstone’s meaning has an association with inner goodness, as well as a symbol of sensuality and fertility.

Moonstone, like the moon, has a close link to femininity. There is an ancient meaning that relates to maternity, specifically to giving life. But, this should not be taken literally. Having a moonstone nearby does not mean that you will increase your fertility chances, necessarily.

Moonstone is said to help cleanse your mind from negative thoughts that may be hampering your aspirations and holding you back in many ways. Moonstone is also said to help with fear and self-doubt by reducing them.

But just having a moonstone by your side will not do that. You will also need to meditate daily with your moonstone crystal by your side. It is said that meditating with a moonstone crystal near you on a daily basis will help you with your aspirations and goals. You just need to find a quiet sacred place and keep meditating. Although this should become a daily ritual, its possibilities are magnified if you do us on a full moon.

Modern life is full of demands that often act to distract us from what is really important. The moonstone is there to remind us that we should go this flow, instead. The moonstone does this by reminding us of the mysterious landscape of the moon, as we see it from planet Earth. Looking at a moonstone crystal is like looking at the moon on a clear night. Moonstone crystals also have a sheen that symbolizes the moonlight and its hues like white, yellow, blue, and grayish silver. These hues also symbolize the never-ending flow of life, and that is what connects it to the concept of “going with the flow”.

Human beings have always been fascinated by the moon. From ancient times, the moon has symbolized stability, harmony, and balance for different civilizations.

Some people now believe that the moonstone crystal can help to open up what is known as the heart chakra. What does that do? Opening up the heart chakra allows us to become more in touch with our feelings and more receptive to everything important that is going on around us.

In the 1970s, I used to buy opals and moonstones at the Queen Victoria Market, which were seen as old-fashioned and too heavy at the time. – Kerry Greenwood

Being in close proximity to moonstone crystals is meant to help us be more open and to also foster creativity. Some people consider this crystal to be a “creativity charm” that acts as a constant reminder of the miracle of all life.

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What Are The Origins of The Meaning of Moonstone?

You may be wondering about the origins of the meaning of moonstone. The fact is that the meanings of this powerful crystal are ancient. Different ancient philosophies have held the moonstone to have miraculous powers, from the Hindu tradition in India to the different ancient Celtic tribes in Europe.

In Hindu tradition, for example, the moonstone is considered a symbol of love and it is associated with the feminine principle that is considered divine in that tradition.

Perhaps because of the meaning attached to it by ancient Hindus and Celts or, perhaps, because of the crystal’s simple and elegant beauty, moonstone has been used as a key component in jewelry, often set in either silver or gold both in Asia and in Europe since ancient times.

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What Are The Properties of Moonstone?

Much of the meaning behind moonstone is derived from its many properties. The moonstone crystal is said to have healing properties. Its healing properties are particularly useful for women, particularly when they are having their period. Moonstone can help to sooth emotions while women are menstruating. But, also, it is said to be the best crystal there is for balancing hormones during moments in a woman’s life when there is a lot of hormonal change, particularly during puberty and menopause. Accordingly, moonstone is a great stone to have around for women of any age.

A good way of ensuring that you always have a moonstone crystal in close proximity is to use it a jewelry. The best option would be to wear moonstone rocks on a necklace, so it is always near your heart.

Moonstone is said to help you keep a balance between experience and innocence while also bringing in some pleasure into the equation. Because of its feminine energy, this crystal can also help spice up your love and sex life.

But, remember, that the main thing about the moonstone is the idea of “going with the flow”. What this generally means is to follow the normal rhythm of life without interfering or getting distracted by things that will alter it.

Another key property of this crystal is that it helps to you to open up to the possibility of loving openly, without any prejudice or any judgment, accepting your partner for who he or she is.

Moonstone is a beautiful crystal that can be used both a decorative element at home or at work (in your office, etc.), and also looks great in jewelry.

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