What Do Tornado Dreams Mean?

Some dreams can be quite disturbing. Dreaming of tornadoes can be extremely disturbing, but what do tornado dreams mean?

Dreams should never be taken on face value. The meaning of dreams is never literal; dreams work with hidden signs that need to be interpreted carefully. These signs may mean different things to different things. There is not just a single interpretation for every dream. What a particular dream may mean for you will depend on what is going on in your life.

Having said all that, there are some general interpretations that will apply. In this article, we will show you what those interpretations are. You should read through all the possible interpretations and see what speaks to you in terms of what is happening in your life.

Before trying to analyze any dreams that contain a tornado (or several tornadoes), you need to look at what is going on in your life. But, because that can be quite complex we want to help you by giving you some useful pointers to analyze this kind of dream.

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How to Interpret A Tornado Dream

If you dream of a tornado, you need to ask yourself whether you are experiencing chaos in your waking life. Examine your relationships and any possible volatile situation that you may be involved in.

Even if you are not experiencing any chaos you may be feeling overwhelmed or confused about what is going on in your life and that could be the reason that you had a tornado dream.

Strong emotion, whether expressed by you or others around you may result in this kind of dream.

I don’t even think I was quite  year old. My mother was maybe seven months pregnant with my little brother. I was sucked out of her arms, and she landed 75 yeards away from our trailer and had a ruptured disc. The tornado set me down on top of this pile of corrugated lumber and scrap metal. – Ernest Cline

Feeling like you lack control of your emotions or other people’s is something else that you should examine if you want to understand the meaning of your dream. If you feel that emotions have been building up inside of you, you would also be likely to have tornado dreams. Also, dealing with someone else’s mood swings may be responsible for your dreams.

Other interpretations of the tornado dreams may be related to having to face some sudden big change (losing your job, a break-up, losing your home, etc.), any unexpected complications or strong feelings of disappointment.

Finally, dream with a tornado may be linked to facing destructive behavior or dealing with self-destructive feeling in your own life.

Now that we have gone through the main causes of this kind of dream, let us look at what you dream may mean in more detail.

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Tornado: Emotional Upheaval

The main meaning behind dreaming of tornadoes is emotional upheaval. This stems from the very nature of tornadoes in our waking lives. Tornadoes are destructive, but they are also very dynamic.

Dreaming of tornadoes may indicate that you feel powerless before changes in your life. Very often dream of tornadoes means that we are going through a time where there are strong emotions brewing (much like a storm). If you see yourself involved in situations where you or other people near and dear to you are expressing their emotions through rage or temper tantrums. An outpouring of emotion that makes you feel powerless may be express in your dreams with a tornado.

But the emotional upheaval may relate to an unstable situation where you are going through unpredictable changes in your life or that you have started to perceive instability in key areas of your life such as in a relationship or in your job. This would be conducive to dreaming of tornadoes particularly if you are dealing with a moody person with emotional outbursts.

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Tornado: Destruction

The destructive power of tornadoes should not be underestimated, either. In our waking lives, tornadoes are violent and destructive phenomena.

If you perceive that there is an imminent threat of destruction in your life, you may dream of tornadoes. This is particularly likely if you feel like you lack control in a situation in your life or if you are feeling overwhelmed because of the circumstances.

But also, a major disappointment may result in this kind of dream. Sometimes, even experiencing complications in something you are trying to achieve in your life may make your dream of a tornado.

Tornado: Sudden and Unexpected Change

If changes have already happened or you think that things may change overnight for you, then you would also be likely to have this kind of dream. This would also refer to the destructive power of tornadoes.

Is dreaming of a tornado a bad thing? Well, not necessarily. Changes, even sudden ones, can be positive. It is ultimately up to you to decide whether you make whatever changes you may be going through into opportunities for growth.

What sudden changes could lead to this kind of dream? It could really be anything but most often than not these changes could include being forced to move homes, being fired from your job, or anything that requires a quick response.

Sometimes A Tornado Is Just A Tornado

Of course, if you live in an area that is prone to have tornadoes, it is possible that you dream of them. It is rare but, sometimes, dreams can be literal. If you are afraid of tornadoes and you dream of them this may very well just mean that you are anxious about having to deal with this violent weather phenomenon.

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