The Amazing Brain of A Pisces

Pisces have an amazing brain, full of love and empathy and the ability to make friends wherever they go. There are key differences between all the different zodiac signs. Their brains work differently, and this determines their personalities. What makes a Pisces tick? What are the secrets of the amazing brain of a Pisces?

If you would like to find out how Pisces are different from everyone else and what makes them special, you have come to the right place.

Whether you are Pisces yourself or someone who knows a Pisces and would like to understand him or her better, you should read on.

Love And Kindness

One of the best characteristics of Pisces is their boundless kindness and compassion.

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People born under the sign of Pisces have big hearts. They have a lot of love to give and they will not hesitate to spread their love around.

Because of this, they can empathize with other people and nothing will change that. Different backgrounds or circumstances will not stop them from loving other people and empathizing with them.

Because of their kind and loving nature, Pisces can often bring out the best in other people.

They are always positive, so they are great people to be around. Pisces are hugely supportive of the people they love. Their optimism and confidence can be infectious.

They are one of the least superficial signs there are. They do not care about appearances. For a Pisces, they only thing that matters is what is on the inside.

Pisces is always prepared to get to know people in a deeper way. If you are too guarded and do not let a Pisces in below the surface, he or she will most probably get bored and move their attention to somebody else who might be willing to let them get deeper.

When it comes to romance, Pisces tends to be extremely old school. They love big romantic gestures and are not shy in showing their affection to the people they love.

They love to sweep their romantic partners off their feet and make them feel special and loved.


For the most part, Pisces are hugely intuitive people.

The instincts that Pisces possess are incredibly powerful and they rely on them to guide them through life.

Because of their heightened intuition, Pisces can notice things most other people would not. They are constantly picking up on clues about what is going on that most people would not notice.

Pisces notice a lot more than they let you in on. So, do not be fool by appearances.

Great Few Friends

Because Pisces is not superficial and like to get to know people on a deep level, they tend to have a handful of friends. They do not tend to have many friends, and that is their choice.

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A Pisces would always prefer to have just one or very few great friends than a large group of superficial pals.

It is not as if they have difficulty making new friends (they do not), but they will move on if they cannot get to know people in a deeply intimate way.

They seek out meaningful relationships, not shallow ones. They are not the kind of people with scores of acquaintances. They would rather have very few substantial friends than to hang out with a lot of people they barely know.

Pisces Loves to Dream

If you know a Pisces, you would have probably noticed that they love to daydream. Pisces often have their special brains up in the clouds.

They love to escape from reality at any opportunity they get. This means that they are often lost in their own thoughts.

Pisces possess great imagination and they often get lost in it.

Because of this, Pisces can be great visionaries. They are always willing to do things in new and creative ways.

A Riddle Wrapped In An Enigma

For many people born under other zodiac signs, Pisces can be quite an enigma.

Their personalities tend to be mysterious and elusive. Most people simply cannot work out what on earth is going on in their amazing little brains.

Some people would find that intriguing, while others might not react to Pisces’s mysteriousness so kindly.

I mean, I grew up with pretty, atheist parents, but I was born a Pisces. – Melissa Auf der Maur

Part of what makes them so mysterious is that Pisces tend to be in touch with their spiritual lives. They feel connected with the rest of the universe and prefer to think about the bigger picture (remember they also have the capacity for boundless empathy) and often ignore the small stuff of daily life.

Pisces would benefit from practicing meditation or mindfulness.

Deep Emotions

Their big hearts make Pisces deeply emotional, also. They are very sensitive and experience every emotion, whether positive or negative, deeply.

If they are feeling happy, then they will be deeply happy. But if they are feeling sad, they will be truly miserable.

But Pisces never stays on the same emotion for too long. They can go from happy to miserable to happy again in a matter of a few moments. Some people might find that exhausting, but one thing is for sure, keeping up with them emotionally can be challenging!


Pisces are very good at adapting to new circumstances and new people around them.

They truly get along with all kinds of people because of their empathy.

They are also extremely gifted at reading other people, often just from their body language. Because they can pick up on things other people do not even see, they can figure people out almost upon meeting them.

Pisces is also hugely generous by nature. They love to share what they can with other people.

Their amazing brains make Pisces a fascinating sign.

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