Rose Quartz Meaning

The meaning of rose quartz in many cultures boils down to one thing: love. This beautiful pinkish-colored crystal symbolizes unconditional love. Rose quartz is considered the stone of the heart.


Rose quartz, also known as the heart stone, is said to contain and carry with it a feminine energy that it is associated with softness, peace, compassion, healing, tenderness, comfort, and nourishment.

A lot of her meaning has to do with the heart chakra. But, what does that mean?

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Rose Quartz And the Heart Chakra

The rose quartz crystal is said to speak to the heart chakra directly. This means that this crystal can help dissolve any resentments, fears, and emotional wounds. Furthermore, rose quartz is supposed to have a divine loving energy circulating all throughout its whole aura.

The heart stone is believed by some people to help reawake emotions such as innate love, while also letting you both give and receive true love, and it provides you with a sense of contentment and personal fulfillment.

My mom gave me a rose quartz that I carry every day. It promotes self-love. Whenever I feel a little down, I just hold it and get some good energy. – Madelaine Petsch

People who believe in the secret power of crystals believe that this particular stone has a positive effect in relationships and often use it as a romantic relationship talisman. Its use as a love talisman has been documented to go as far back as 600 B.C. (more on that later).

Assuming you believe in crystals, this stone may help you in attracting new people to you, and foster intimacy and even romance. But the heart stone affects all kinds of relationships and not just romantic ones. As such, it is also believed that it can help you develop stronger and closer bonds with your friends and family. So, it can not only attract new people but make you closer with your nearest and dearest.

This stone is also believed by some people to create and support connections within already existing communities and groups. The rose quartz is supposed to bring harmony between the Earth, the rest of the universe, and the divine.

What Are The Origins of the Meaning of the Rose Quartz?

Of course, all of these believes and associations about the rose quartz are not anything new. In fact, some of them are incredibly ancient. Many ancient civilizations are said to have used this stone for many reasons.

Part of ancient civilizations’ appreciation of the rose quartz was down right because of its beauty and aesthetic value. For example, facial marks made of this stone were believed by the Romans and the Egyptians to have a positive effect on one’s skin, preventing the appearance of wrinkles and clearing one’s skin complexion. Evidence of this has been found in ancient Egyptian tombs from where some of such masks have been recovered.

But, appreciation for this beautiful stone was limited to the cultures and civilizations of the Mediterranean basin, such as Rome and Egypt. There is also evidence of the importance of this stone in Asia, particularly in modern-day China and Tibet. In fact, China is still one of the main places on Earth for carving this and other stones like it.

In different civilizations and at different times, this stone has been connected with the love of beauty in every one of its manifestations: in oneself and other people, but also in nature or in anything that is man-made. Particularly, this stone has been connected with stimulating the imagination when it comes to any art form (music, the written word, and the plastic arts).

In Ancient Greece and Rome, rose quartz had an important place because it was strongly associated with the god of love and desire, Eros (Greece)/Cupid (Rome).

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What Is Rose Quartz?

Technically speaking, rose quartz is a silicon dioxide crystal. Among all the stones in the Quart family, rose quartz is one of the most common varieties.


It is abundantly available in many parts of the world. It is mined commercially in many countries, most notably in Africa (in South Africa, Namibia, and Madagascar), Brazil (particularly, in the Brazilian states of Minas Gerais, and Bahia), and in the United States of America (particularly, in the U.S. state of South Dakota).

My desk is covered with talismans: peices of rose quartz, wishing stones from a favorite beach. – Dani Shapiro

This stone is usually found massively and without any terminations or edges. It is original form, Rose Quartz is found looking hazy or, sometimes, even translucid, usually in the core of granite pegmatites.

The stone gets its name from its characteristic soft pinkish color. But there is some variation in color. Rose quartzes can range from an extreme pink color to a very deep almost pink red.

The rose quartz is also known under other names such as Hyaline Quartz or Pink Quartz. Those names can be explained by the confusion that for many years existed between this stone and Silesian or Bohemian Ruby. Many people believed that this stone has tiny prismatic crystals inside, which also caused it to be known as Crystalline Rose Quartz. But that misunderstanding was cleared up in the 1990s.

What Are the Properties of Rose Quartz?

Some people believe that this crystal has some important healing properties. Mostly, it is believed that if you already have a partner, being in close proximity to rose quartz can make you deepen and strengthen your relationship. But, this crystal is also said to deepen one’s understanding of oneself and help us recognize one’s need for compassion and forgiveness for one’s self.

So, rose quartz meaning is also linked to self-love and self-esteem.

Because this crystal is also associated with the water element, it is also supposed to help you wash out anything negative inside you, being negative emotions or energies. The fluid properties of the rose quartz will help you get rid of those.

You will not be able to hold on to any negativity for much longer once you introduce this pink-colored crystal into your life. Even if you do not believe in its healing properties, you will like its pleasant color.

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