Rolled Ice Cream: What Is It And Where Can You Find it?

Just about everyone has at least tried ice cream, but they may not know what rolled ice cream is, which is essentially thin strips of ice cream rolled up onto itself. As someone who is lactose intolerant, I can say this dessert looks absolutely incredible, but have never gotten the opportunity to actually taste it myself.

However, I have quite a few friends who have tried it and who have given me their opinions on it so I am able to provide some of their feedback on it in this article (while I drool about it). If you don’t recognize the name “rolled” ice cream, then you might know it as stir-fried ice cream, or even as ice pan ice cream. To learn all about rolled ice cream, check out this guide.

If I could eat whatever I wanted every day, I would have Domino’s pizza with pasta carbonara inside every slice. And at night, I would have Neapolitan ice cream until I felt absolutely toxic. And then I would drift off telling myself, ‘It’s going to be O.K… It’s going to be O.K. you’re going to train in the morning.’ – Robert Downey, Jr.

What Is Rolled Ice Cream?

A cup of rolled ice cream. Image source: Wikipedia

Ice cream is, arguably, the best treat on a hot summer day. But after a while breaking out the Ben and Jerry’s might get old, so rolled ice cream might just be the new twist that you need to spice up your favorite summer treat.

Stir-fried ice cream started life in Thailand in 2009 as a means of being able to add a bunch of ingredients (like candies and fruits) to ice cream. Basically, rolled ice cream is homemade ice cream mixed with milk poured on an iced grill mixed with different toppings, like candies or fruits. The ice cream and topping mixture is then thoroughly mixed up, spread along the iced grill, and then rolled up into little ice cream rolls. If that explanation made no sense to you, we included a video below of someone making rolled ice cream in Chile.

In the video above the add-on is a brownie and the ice cream is vanilla, but there are plenty of ice cream flavors and mix-ins that you can choose from. Here are some ice cream flavors and mix-ins you can choose from:

Rolled Ice Cream Flavors and Mix-Ins
Ice Cream FlavorsMix-Ins
VanillaChocolate chips
Matcha green teaCherries
Thai TeaGummy Bears
S’moresGummy Worms
Dragon FruitCheesecake
Peanut ButterCookie Dough

Finding Rolled Ice cream Near You

If this sweet treat sounds delicious to you, then you might want to know if you have a rolled ice cream place close to where you live. If you are unaware of any rolled ice cream places near you, one great way to find places near you is to actually Google them. There are a few ways of doing this. You can Google “rolled ice cream near me” if you have Google set up to where it knows your location. Likewise, you can Google the specific town you are in. For example, you can look up “rolled ice cream in Houston” or “rolled ice cream in Atlanta”.

Do keep in mind that this trend is growing in the States, so rolled ice cream may not be around in smaller towns just yet. However, we will give you instructions on how to make your own rolled ice cream to hold you over until a rolled ice cream shop comes into your town.

DIY Rolled Ice Cream

We have 2 different recipes for you to cook your own rolled ice cream at home. There are lots of recipes out there across the internet, but some require dry ice and that’s a little too sketchy and hardcore for our taste. The first recipe is a little more involved than the second recipe, but both turn out tasting pretty good (according to my friends).

Recipe 1

What you will need:

  • 3 tablespoons whole milk
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • A mix-in of your choice (we used Oreos)
  • 1/4 cup of heavy cream
  • Pinch of salt
  • 9-inch metal skillet
  • 2 paint scrapers

Step 1: Make the ice cream base

  • Combine milk, heavy cream, sugar, and salt into the skillet and stir together over high heat
  • Stir over heat while sugar dissolves until mixture comes to a boil, then take the mixture off the heat and let it cool to room temperature

Step 2: Chop up toppings

  • Chop up your mix-ins finely
  • Mix them in with the paint scrapers
    • Moving the ice cream mix around will create air pockets (this makes the ice cream creamier)

Step 3: Freeze mixture for 4 hours

  • Stick mixture in the freezer for 4 hours
    • Needs to be totally solid so that the ice cream actually rolls up

Step 4: Freeze paint scrapers and bowl

  • Freeze your paint scrapers and the bowl you will be using to serve the ice cream in the freezer for 15 to 20 minutes to make sure the ice cream doesn’t start melting

Step 5: Roll the ice cream

  • After 4 hours pull the skillet out and quickly scrape the ice cream
  • To do this, hold the paint scraper at an angle and push it forward carefully but quickly (watch the video below to see how they do it if you have any questions)

Recipe 2

What you will need:

  • 1 can of sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 pint of heavy cream
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • A topping of your choice (again, we used Oreos)

Step 1: Mix Condensed milk, salt, and heavy cream together

Step 2: Pour the mix into a sheet pan that barely covers the bottom

Step 3: Pour over the topping of your choice and mix it together thoroughly (we chopped the Oreos up very well)

Step 4: Freeze for 4 hours and freeze the bowl and paint scrapers (just like what we did with the last recipe)

Step 5: Once the ice cream is totally frozen, remove the ice cream, paint scrapers, and bowl from the freezer and roll the ice cream up (again, doing it the same way as we did in the first recipe above) and stick it in the frozen bowl

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