My Science Life

You’ve Done the Research: Now Share It with the World

“Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world.” – Louis Pasteur

Welcome to the ‘My Science Life’ project where researchers have the opportunity tell the world about their field.

I started the “My Science Life” project as an opportunity for my colleagues with advanced knowledge in their field to voice their thoughts on new science policies, published papers, and scientific topics covered in the news. It also provides the opportunity for scientists to clarify common misunderstandings. Platforms of this type are uncommon and I wanted to create an opportunity for the scientific community to be able to connect with the general public.

This project is a core part of Science Trends’ mission to communicate science. It is an opportunity to share the knowledge you’ve built up over the years without the endless peer reviews. On the flip side, thousands of people get a chance to learn and to connect personally with scientists around the world.

Submission is easy, you simply fill out the form below and submit. We will be in contact shortly afterward.

Note: Don’t feel like you need to share unpublished research results or conclusions. We in no way want to take credit for your hard work. This is project simply meant as a way for you to share your field with an audience and hopefully build a dialogue between scientists and the public.

Helpful Tips

  • We welcome you to share your personal story, research, day in the life of a scientist, etc.
  • In writing keep in mind the typical Science Trends reader has a college degree with a general interest in science.
  • Keep it light, thought provoking, and informative. No sales pitches, please.
  • We are looking for in-depth explanations of your field and how it relates to the world. Unfortunately, we can’t accept submissions that are limited to a couple sentences.

Alternatively, if you’d like to send a Word document or PDF of your My Science Life submission please feel free to send it to Trevor [at]

Science literacy is the artery through which the solutions of tomorrow's problems flow.

Neil deGrasse Tyson