How Many Carbs Are In Bud Light?

If you are ever worried or concerned about how many carbs Bud Light has, fret not; Bud Light only has 6.6 grams of carbohydrates. Summertime, especially in July, is when beer drinking is at its peak, so it’s important to know which beer you actually want to drink.

While the idea of “healthier” beers might seem odd, there are more and more of them being released it might be hard to limit down what is healthy and what isn’t. To learn more about Bud Light and other good light beers, check out this guide.

The History of Budweiser And Bud Light

The very iconic Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales. Image source: Offutt Air Force Base

Budweiser is a brand of beer most people have undoubtedly heard of. Regardless of whether or not you actually like their beer, you can’t argue their long history.

Budweiser began its life originally as the Anheuser Brewing Association of St. Louis, Missouri in 1860 by Eberhard Anheuser. In 1876 the Anheuser Brewing company began brewing Budweiser Lager Beer, beginning an American fascination and love that has lasted until this day. Now many of you may be wondering just when the Anheuser Brewing company changed its name, and that was in 1979 when the name officially became Anheuser-Busch Brewing Association. The actual name Budweiser was a name chosen by Eberhard Anheuser as a tribute to a beer-making Czech town named Ceske Budejovice. In German, where Anheuser is originally from, the town is known as “Budweis”, hence the name Budweiser.

When Budweiser beer was released it was a pretty big success. In 1941 it was estimated that Americans drank over three million barrels of Budweiser that year alone. Over the years Anheuser-Busch has gotten into its fair share of legal troubles, particularly surrounding the Czech brewery Budejovicky Pivovar, also known as Budvar. Budvar had been around since 1895 and was marketed under the name “Budweiser Budvar”, so naturally, legal problems arose. Those legal battles are still going on to this very day, many of which the Czech brewery Budvar has actually won.

Recently, unfortunately, it seems that Budweiser is starting to lose its popularity, but Bud Light seems to be doing okay still. CNN recently reported that Budweiser has dropped down to the nation’s fourth most popular beer, falling behind Miller Light for the first time. The first place beer, however, is Bud Light so in a way, the Budweiser company still wins.

Image source: Flickr

The top 5 selling beers in 2017 were (information can be found here):

  1. Bud Light
    1. $5.6 billion dollars in yearly sales
  2. Coors Light
    1. $2.3 billion dollars in yearly sales
  3. Miller Lite
    1. $2.03 billion dollars in yearly sales
  4. Budweiser
    1. $1.9 billion dollars in yearly sales
  5. Corona Extra
    1. $1.7 billion dollars in yearly sales

What Is A Light Beer And Does It Have Fewer Carbs?

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

You might have noticed the trend that within the top 5 selling beers that the top 3 are all light beers. Within the top 10 selling beers, 7 of them are light beers. This begs the question; just what is a light beer?

Light beer is 100% just as much beer as the “regular” stuff (not that light beer isn’t regular beer). Light beers do have a little less alcohol in them which reduces carbohydrates and calories. Light beers are just as good as other styles of beer, it really just boils down to what your particular preference and tastes are. I personally love Michelob Ultra but also really love their original Lager on tap, so it’s one of those things that boils down to what our personal preferences are.

Light beers only differ in that it is low in calories, and to have lower calories it has a lower alcohol content. According to the Great American Beer Festival’s style guidelines, light “refers to relatively low body and reduced calories, rather than to color”. (this information can all be found here). Light beers are typically “lighter” versions of their other beers. So, Bud Light is a lighter version of Budweiser, and Michelob Ultra is a lighter version of Michelob Lager, and Coor Light is a lighter version of Coors Lager… You get the point.

Because light beers are lighter versions are lighter versions of more caloric beers they are often seen as watered down and lesser beers, but that isn’t the case at all. In 2001 Samuel Adams released its first light beer, called Sam Adams Light. It took them 2 years and over 20 batches to craft what they felt was a perfect lower calorie beer but that was still a full-bodied beer their customers would still like and enjoy. Once they were able to perfect the brew Sam Adams Light is one of their most popular sellers to this day. One interesting thing about light beers is that they are actually difficult to replicate consistently, so most companies have very strict quality control standards they run their light beers through.

With light beers being so popular, why doesn’t every beer company make light beer? There are a few reasons that brewers might not be willing to make a light beer. One reason could be that it is expensive. Samuel Adams took 2 years to perfect their brew, and that much time takes quite a bit of money to do for that much of an extended period of time. This isn’t to say other brewing companies will take 2 years to perfect their own version of light beer, but you get the point. Another reason brewing companies might not do their own light beer is because they don’t want to sacrifice their unique flavor for calories. That isn’t to say that light beers are flavorless or don’t taste good, it is just difficult to perfect the flavor while keeping the calories low.

If you are looking for a light beer that you would like to try, here are some of the highest ranked beers chosen by voters on Ranker (can be found here):

  1. Miller Lite: 1,217 votes
    1. 96 calories
  2. Sam Adams Light: 954 votes
    1. 119 calories
  3. Bud Light: 749 votes
    1. 110 calories
  4. Heineken Premium Light: 469 votes
    1. 99 calories
  5. Coors Light: 898 votes
    1. 102 calories

We also checked out Men’s Journal’s website to see what they had to say about light beer. Here are the beers they gave thumbs down to (can be found here):

  1. Miller Lite
  2. Labatt Blue Light
  3. Rock Green Light
  4. Heineken Light
  5. Michelob Light

So, why are most of their thumbs down beers listed are whats listed among the best light beers? It all comes down to personal preference. There is no real “best” light beer, it is only best to you and whether or not you enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy that beer then it isn’t the best beer, regardless of where it is ranked on lists.

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