Editorial Policies

Science Trends follows a core set of editorial and publishing policies as outlined here.

Author contributions

Science Trends believes authors should be clearly attributed and proper credit should be given for peer-reviewed published research. This is why at the end of each journal article feature Science Trends includes a link to the peer-reviewed journal article, the journal it was published under, the authors and their associated institution.


We believe the content within each of our articles is correct to the best of our ability. If you as the author or a reader have comments or corrections please contact us through this page

Editorial Independence

Science Trends believes the editorial process, the content we publish, and the voice of our authors should be free from commercial influence.

Institutional Affiliation

Science Trends does not hold any formal institutional affiliations. While we have worked with thousands of academic, private, and governmental institutions we remain entirely independent.


Science Trends takes plagiarism very seriously. This is why we perform two thorough plagiarism checks for each article before publishing. If you have concerns over plagiarism, please contact us through this page.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding our editorial policies.