Cool And Easy Things To Draw: Let’s Have Fun!

Drawing is fun, especially when they’re easy and cool to draw. After all, learning to draw should be fun and rewarding as you begin to learn the art and begin to practice with more complicated pictures.

Many people turn to drawing when they are bored while for other people it can be a serious artistic pursuit. Whether you belong to the latter or the former, we have cool and easy things to draw for you.

This article is not really for people with serious artistic pursuits but, rather, for those among you (whether children or adults) who would like to use some of their spare time drawing cool and easy things.

If that is the case for you, we have some really cool suggestions that we hope would give you some ideas to combat boredom. Whether you are holding on the phone, waiting on someone else, stuck in public transportation, etc. drawing can be a great way to distract yourself.

So, without much further ado, here are our suggestions. Have fun with them!

10 Things To Draw

Eyeglasses: they are one of the easiest things to draw and they can also be great fun because you can experiment with their shape. You can also, if so inclined, add reflections to the lenses. Use your imagination and add whatever you see.

Cats: cats can be very sinewy. So, drawing their outlines can be both easy and fun. You can draw a cat outline with just a few simple traces.

Image source: Wikipedia

Giraffes: drawing a giraffe is also just as easy.

Bird: you do not need much to draw a simple bird. Often, just drawing a rough circle or oval shape and then adding wings, a tail, a beak, and an eye can be enough to draw a bird in profile. You might want to add a few lines so that the bird is perched somewhere but you can also have your bird flying.

Nature landscape: landscapes are simple to draw, and natural landscapes can be particularly evocative. You can add mountains, the sun/moon, trees and plants, clouds, stars, …

City landscape: but, if you prefer, you can draw a city landscape. You can use a well-known world city like London, Paris, or New York; any other place; or, even, make up your own city!

Ghost: some children are afraid of ghosts, but who can be afraid of some silly ghost that looks like a bedsheet?

Hangers: if you like simple shapes, why not try drawing a simple hanger (wooden or wire).

Bee: bees are particularly easy to draw because of its simple rounded lines and their stripes. This is one of the best figures to practice for children and beginners.

Ball: but if you want the simplest of objects to begin with, you should try to draw a ball. You can add eyes and other features to it in order to give it some human-like expression.

Photography is an immediate reaction, drawing is a mediation. – Henri Cartier-Bresson

Turning It Up A Notch

If you want to try slightly more complex things, we have some further suggestions that, while still being simple to draw, turn it up a notch.

Snake: you can draw a snake by starting with its “face” (and rough oval, two bulging eyes, and a tongue sticking out) and then adding its body.

Image source: Wikipedia

Elephant: if you want to draw an elephant, also begin with the shape of its head, then add two dots for eyes, a long trunk, big flopping ears, and take it from there.

Mouse: did you know that elephants are terrified of mice? But mice do not have to be scary. They can indeed be quite cute critters.

Rabbit: and talking about cute critters, how about rabbits with their pointy ears?

Butterfly: another popular figure to draw is a butterfly. The shape of a butterfly is extremely simple, but you can add some fun details on its wings. If you have access to crayons, you might want to color it in, too.

Alien: but not everything that you draw needs to exist in the real world. You can use your imagination and draw anything you can see in your mind’s eye. So, why not draw friendly alien? A little green man with huge yes?

Owl: but if you would like to stick to real creatures, owls are also popular. Anyone can draw an owl and they are such fun!

Hippo: another fun creature to draw is the hippo.

Image source: Wikipedia

Leaf: there are many leaves that you can draw. They are great for practicing symmetry although they are easy to trace.

Tree: continuing with the theme of nature, how about drawing different kinds of trees.

Flower: daisies, sunflowers, poppies, daffodils, roses, carnations, are among the best and easiest flowers that can be drawn. You can add as much or as little detail to them as you want.

Buildings: you can draw single buildings too. You might want to begin with iconic buildings from around the world or any that have caught your attention in your hometown, or you could play architect for a day and draw a building that only exists in your imagination.

Houses: one of the first things that small children draw are houses. They tend to be rather simple, but you might want to make a more sophisticated design. What is so great about drawing houses is that you can pick up the drawing at any given opportunity and add more detail to it.

Feather: if you do not have the time or the patience you draw a house, you can pick up a simple shape such as a feather. Do not be afraid to add color to it.

Anchor: anchors are also easy and fun to draw.

Eye: drawing a human eye can be fun. Experiment with different shapes to add emotion to it.

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