Car Accident Dream And Meaning

Car accident dreams are some of the scariest because they can be so real and are an inherent danger in each of our lives daily. Dreams can sometimes be indications about what is going on with us emotionally, such as being anxious or happy, for instance, in dreams where you are in a car wreck it can signify anxiety, stress, guilt, fear, or even a possible premonition.

I know many are skeptical of the study of dream interpretations, but there can actually be some merit to it. Regardless, check out this guide to learn all about what car crash dreams and their meaning.

Sometimes I’m so tired, I look down at what I’m wearing, and if it’s comfortable enough to sleep in, I don’t even make it into my pajamas. I’m looking down, and I’m like, ‘T-shirt and stretchy pants? Yup, that’s fine. It’s pajama-y, good night.’ – Rebecca Romijn

Dreams and Sleep

A Boxer dog, Chloe, sleeping. Image source: Wikimedia Commons

While dream interpretations may sound like a bunch of hoopla, there is some scientific backing to it. Oneirology is the study of dreams and the effects that our brain has on our dreams. Now it is very important to note that there is a difference between oneirology and dream interpretation since there is no quantitative data you can get from interpreting dreams while oneirology has scientific backing along with quantitative data.

Dreams are extremely interesting and the mechanics of it are even more fascinating. When we go to bed we don’t just fall asleep and dream all through the night, which might seem odd since our dreams feel like they can go on forever. There are 5 stages of the sleep cycle, so let’s go over them:

  • Stage 1 (non-REM stage)
    • Stage one sleep is what you first enter into when you fall asleep
    • Your muscles and body slow down and your eyes will slowly start moving
    • You can be easily awoken at this stage
    • This is also where you get that sensation occasionally that you are falling
      • This is actually caused by muscle contractions
  • Stage 2 (non-REM stage)
    • This is (obviously) the next stage of sleep after stage 1
    • Eye movements will stop and your brain activity slows down, and your heart rate slows down
    • Body temperature also drops in preparation for deep sleep
  • Stage 3 (non-rem stage)
    • Stage 3 is the third stage and is considered to be deep sleep
    • Brain waves (delta waves) are short and fast
    • Parasomnia “events” occur during stage 3
      • These include: talking in sleep, wetting the bed, night terrors, and sleepwalking
    • Dreams do NOT occur during this stage
  • Stage 4 (non-REM stage)
    • Again this stage is considered to be deep sleep
    • Delta waves continue
    • Dreams do NOT occur during this stage
  • REM sleep (rapid eye movement)
    • REM sleep is where dreaming occurs
    • Eyes are closed but move very rapidly side to side
    • Occurs about 90 minutes after falling asleep
    • The first cycle of REM lasts about 10 minutes and the final stage of REM can last about an hour

REM sleep is where dreaming occurs, although it has been argued that it can occur in the other stages. The sleep cycle quite literally cycles throughout the night. So it starts at stage 1, then transitions to REM, and then restarts at stage 1 and will continue on until you wake up.

While the study of sleep, sleep stages, and REM sleep has scientific backing, dream interpretations do not. Let’s now go over dream interpreting.

Interpreting Dreams: Car Wreck Dream

Interpreting dreams is not scientific because there is no possible way to measure what dream you have and where it came from. So, interpreting dreams is very up in the air with no right or wrong answer to what your dream meant and why you had it to begin with.

Car crash dreams can be very scary and oftentimes points to other things going on in your life. Here are some interpretations as to why you are having dreams about being in a car crash:

Possible Reasons For Car Crash Dream
If you are the driverThis can stem from feeling guilt over a mistake or bad judgment call.
If you are a passengerThis can stem from anxiety over not being in control of your life, or that you are being passive and letting things happen.
Crashing into waterCould mean that you believe you cannot reach your goals or can come from a fear of drowning
Crashing into a treeCould signify that nature or life will be affected
Other people being in the car when it was wreckedCould again show guilt, fear of losing that person, or could even mean that the other person is holding you back.
If there was a fatalityCould signify a fear of losing a loved one, the guilt of something going wrong, or could mean to reevaluate goals.
If the car is okayThis can be a wake-up call about the course you are on being potentially damaging or that you need to change something in your life.

Of course, these are just ideas some people have come up with as to what your dream may mean, but they are interesting to think about.

The next thing a dream may mean is a premonition. I am not talking about a psychic ability or anything like that, but it could serve as a warning. This reason is personal to me for one reason; our car crash dream actually happened.

I lived in Southern California and my family and I were on our way out to Texas to visit family. The day we left my dad had woken up from a nightmare that we got into a major car wreck but blew it off as anxiety over making a two-day trip. When we crossed the border into New Mexico a massive dust storm moved across the freeway and we drove into it. I cannot fully remember the wreck itself, but once the dust actually settled we were in a 20-car pile up stopping both lanes of traffic. Out of those 20 cars, only 2 families walked away without serious injuries, including my family.

Could dreaming about a car crash be a premonition? Maybe, maybe not, but it is still something I remember to this day and has stuck with me. Obviously, there is no way to actually say what the reasoning is behind certain dreams, but interpreting dreams is most certainly interesting and can have some backing. If we are stressed over a situation or are anxious about something it is very possible that it manifests itself during dreams.

Kate Broome

Kate Broome is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a Bachelor’s degree in English and is currently working on getting her Masters of Arts in English at Southern New Hampshire University. She currently lives in Texas with her two pit bulls, Lennox and Bentley.

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