Zongwei Cai

Zongwei Cai is a researcher from Shanxi University and Hong Kong Baptist University. He received his BSc from Xiamen University and his Ph.D. from Marburg University. His research interests include method development and applications of chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry for trace analysis in complex systems such as environment, food and biological matrices, with a focus on metabolomics and proteomics research on human health and diseases associated with environmental pollution.

Investigating The Effects Of PM2.5 On Energy Metabolic Reprogramming

During the last two decades, air pollution has been regarded as one of the toughest challenges facing human beings. As the key indicator of air pollution, PM2.5 received great public concern. Exposure to PM2.5 could cause many adverse effects, such […]

Investigating The Adverse Effects Of Chalk Dust Inhalation

Teaching with chalk is an ancient and economical method of teaching that is used in many areas of the world, especially in China. Chalk sticks and blackboard are the most common tools during chalk teaching. While writing and scraping on […]