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Yu Jiang

Yu Jiang is a researcher at Tsinghua University State Key Laboratory of Astronautic Dynamics. His research interests include: nonlinear dynamics; control; dynamics around asteroids and comets; binary asteroid systems; triple asteroid systems; Full N body problems; and perturbation theory of satellites. He has authored/co-authored over 40 publications.

The Dynamical Behaviors In The Rotating Plane-Symmetric Potential Field

The rotating plane-symmetric potential field is an approximation of gravitational field for several different celestial bodies in the Solar system, including the circular restricted three-body problem, planetary ring’s gravitational environment, asteroids 4 Vesta, 1620 Geographos, etc.  There are several synchronous […]

Annihilation And Creation Of Relative Equilibria Around Minor Celestial Bodies

Relative equilibria of asteroids, comets, and satellites of planets are important dynamical characteristic around these minor celestial bodies. Most minor celestial bodies are uniformly rotating, and their relative equilibria remain static when seeing them on the surface of bodies. Previous literature […]