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Yousef Haik

Yousef Haik is an internationally recognized scholar in the fields of engineering and nanotechnology. He has made notable contributions to the creation of novel nanomaterial that have seen applications in magnetic hyperthermia, onsite diagnostics, antimicrobials and solar cells. He is an inventor of numerous patents, many of which have been licensed. His publication record includes over 250 peer-reviewed articles, textbooks and conference proceedings. He is honored with a number of prestigious awards, including among many, the HH Sheikh Khalifa Award for Distinguished Research Professor, Arab Thoughts Foundation and the FUIW-FUMI Research Award. He is a fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and a member of more than a dozen international societies. He serves as the Editor in Chief and on the editorial board for more than a dozen international journals.

His academic career has included appointments in engineering (Mechanical, Biomedical and Nanoengineering) and science (Medicinal Chemistry, Physics and Nanoscience) programs. He is an ABET evaluator. His administrative appointments include Associate Vice President, Dean, Director for Research Centers, Department Chair and Graduate Programs Director. He has led the creation of a number of degree programs.

Scientists Are Using Metallic Nanoparticles To Eliminate Bacterial Bone Infections

Diabetes mellitus is a major public health problem.  Increased susceptibility to microbial infections is common among chronic diabetic patients and is associated with serious complications and increased morbidity and mortality.  The mortality rate of invasive bacterial infections has reduced significantly […]