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Wolfgang Stein

Wolfgang Stein is an Associate Professor of Cellular Neurophysiology at the Illinois State University School of Biosciences.

We focus on sensory processing and plasticity in motor networks and how sensory influences affect motor pattern selection and behavior. To study this, we use the stomatogastric nervous system with its well-characterized central pattern generators as model system for the integration of sensory information and pattern selecting processes inside the nervous system. Methods used in the lab are manifold, ranging from current and voltage clamp recordings to computer modeling.

Imaging Populations Of Neurons In A Sensorimotor System Reveals That Different Sensory Modalities Are Represented By A Combinatorial Code Of Excitatory And Inhibitory Responses

While you are reading this article, your brain is most likely being faced with a variety of different sensory stimuli such as noise from your surroundings, maybe smell coming from the restaurant across the street, and lots of visual inputs […]