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Umar Inayat Chaudhry

Umar Inayat Chaudhry is a graduate Civil Engineer seeking a challenging and progressive environment that will enable me to utilise and build on acquired skills. Experienced in designing structures to Australian codes along with firm experience using Space Gass, AutoCAD, AutoCAD Civil 3D, Autodesk Revit, Sidra Intersection, Circly, and IBM SPSS.

Scientists Finally Figured Out Why Rain Smells So Good

When it rains we get the strong yet pleasant aroma from the wet earth and clean air breeze. It is both appealing and satisfying; giving a sense of relaxation and has a soothing effect. This pleasant aroma not only has been […]

AI Can Now Determine Your Personality Based Solely On Eye Movements

Movement of the eyeball can tell a lot about a human being. Though merely considered as lenses but their characteristic features and behavior have been of interest to many. Great thinkers and philosophers have time to time stressed on a […]

Your Subjective Age Is More Important Than Your Actual Age, Study Finds

Physical and mental health is a factor of subjective age (the age you feel). As one age naturally, the subjective age is seen to adopt its own timescale which most of the times does not really coincide with the actual […]

Do Roaches Bite? Protect Yourself From A Cockroach Bite

Cockroaches or specifically nocturnal omnivores can bite a human skin. Though they bite rarely but even a simple wound caused by them may last for up to a week’s time. Can all types of roaches bite? Yes, all of them are […]