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Trevor Nace

Trevor Nace is the founder of Science Trends. He holds a PhD in geology from Duke University and writes regularly for Forbes on geology, earth science, and natural disasters.

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Interested in connecting with us? Feel free to message us with any tips or suggestions on how to make Science Trends better! If there’s something you’d like us to cover that you can’t find on this site? Feel free to […]

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Science Trends follows a core set of editorial and publishing policies as outlined here. Author contributions Science Trends believes authors should be clearly attributed and proper credit should be given for peer-reviewed published research. This is why at the end […]

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Science Trend’s mission is to be a bridge between scientists and the general public by allowing scientists to share their knowledge, experience, and research with you. In order to do this, Science Trends relies on funding from our advertisers in […]

Geoscience Department Feature: University Of Texas At El Paso (UTEP)

Just over 100 years old, the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) is a burgeoning national and international research university committed to access and excellence. A leader among minority-serving institutions, UTEP enrolls over 25,000 students with a large bilingual […]

Octlantis: The Newly Discovered Octopus City

Recently scientists have discovered a bustling community of approximately 15 gloomy octopi, also known as the Common Sydney Octopus, and scientifically identified as Octopus tetricus. The discovery was made in the waters of Jervis Bay, located off the eastern coast […]

Snow Leopards Removed From Endangered List For First Time In 45 Years

It’s good, but not great, news for snow leopards. New population assessments of the big cats shake their 45-year-old status as endangered. The number of these majestic creatures is moving in the right direction. Yet, conservationists warn not to become […]

Can Childhood Experiences Alter Your DNA and Make You Prone to Illness?

It has always been thought that our DNA is set in stone from the moment we are conceived and that our risk of suffering from hereditary diseases such as Alzheimer’s, certain cancers, diabetes, and Huntington’s disease depends mostly on the […]

My Science Life: Dr. Roger Slatt, Chair Professor Of Petroleum Geology & Geophysics

Welcome to the My Science Life feature of Dr. Roger M. Slatt, Gungoll Chair Professor of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics and Director, Institute of Reservoir Characterization, University of Oklahoma. It’s easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission. – […]