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Tomas Pärt

I work mainly with questions concerning landscape effects on population and biodiversity dynamics. Another recent project is about wetland restorations and their effects on bird diversity. More than 100 million SEK has been put into wetland creation and restoration actions but we still have no evaluations on whether the goals are reached. A third major path concerns a longterm study (25 yrs) of a population of northern wheatears in the farmland SE Uppsala, with high quality pedigree data on demography and habitat choice and long-term data on landuse changes. A fourth path follows my previous diggings into life history evolution, dispersal and habitat selection processes.

Costs Of Dispersal To A New Habitat: Insights From A Translocation Experiment In A Wild Bird Population

Ongoing large-scale and dramatic human-induced environmental changes in climate and land use cause major challenges to the long-term survival of wildlife populations. One way for individuals to efficiently escape unfavorable local conditions is to disperse to a new habitat. Therefore, […]