Discovery Of A “Gene Factory” For Human Longevity
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About The Author

Timothy Donlon currently works at the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology , University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. Timothy does research in Genetics, Biotechnology and Cancer Research. Their current project is '3D chromatin organization and gene expression'.


Discovery Of A “Gene Factory” For Human Longevity

Our genetic makeup is an important factor in lifespan determination. Lifespan is a polygenic trait, but few of the genes responsible have been discovered. FOXO3 was shown by Brad Willcox’s group in Hawaii a decade ago to be a longevity gene. Their findings were then replicated in multiple studies of long-lived populations worldwide. FOXO3 encodes the transcription factor forkhead/winged helix box gene, group O, type 3 (Foxo3). Foxo3, by binding to the promoter of various genes across the genome, regulates...

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