Tie Jun Cui

Tie Jun Cui is a professor at Southeast University, Nanjing in the Department of Radio Engineering. Dr. Cui is the first author of the books Metamaterials – Theory, Design, and Applications (Springer, Nov. 2009) and Metamaterials: Beyond Crystals, Noncrystals, and Quasicrystals (CRC Press, Mar. 2016). He has published over 400 peer-review journal papers in Science, PNAS, Nature Communications, Light Science & Applications, Physical Review Letters, Advanced Materials, etc., which have been cited by more than 17300 times.

Breaking The Acoustic Resolution Limit With A Metamaterial Magnifying Lens

The acoustic microscope is a critical component for a variety of applications including quality control, medical imaging, biomedical sensors, and focused ultrasound surgery, owing to its ability to distinguish objects separated by a small distance. The notion of an acoustic […]

The Use Of Metamaterials For New Information Systems

Metamaterial has gradually cemented its place in the past 20 years as an area of exciting research and drawn broad attention from the physics and engineering communities, owing to its exotic electromagnetic (EM) behaviors. However, metamaterials have conventionally been described […]