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Tee Sze Ling

I am an ecologist that has a deep interest in mammals especially primates. For my Forestry degree in Universiti Putra Malaysia, I conducted a survey on the population of long-tailed macaque in the large-scale oil palm plantation. I worked on the effects of urban forest fragmentation on mammals in Peninsular Malaysia for my Master degree. I have always trying to convey the message to the public for arising their awareness of protecting our natural environment. I hope can minimize the wildlife-human conflicts through the research conducted by contributing my works to the stakeholders and government.

Tee Sze Ling is a research scientist at the Universiti Putra Malaysia.

Small-Scale Or Industrial Plantations? Consumers Must Choose Wisely: Which Oil Palm Production System Can Better Protect Biodiversity?

Tropical rainforest landscapes are threatened by the industrial agricultural expansion, which leads to forest fragmentation and habitat loss. The remaining wildlife is found in low quality and fragmented habitats, leaving numerous species at risk of extinction. Some species even modify […]