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Tamara Watson

Tamara Watson is a research scientist and senior lecturer at Western Sydney University.

My research aims to understand the dynamic processing of sensory stimuli. Focusing on the visual system I am interested in how and why an unchanging stimulus can look different to us depending on the context within which it is presented. I use both human psychophysical and neuroimaging techniques in my research. I completed my Ph.D. at the University of Sydney, School of Psychology and subsequently moved to Rutgers University, Center for Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience (New Jersey, USA) to complete a Human Frontiers Science Program Post Doctoral Fellowship. In 2009 I returned to the Brain and Mind Research Institute at the University of Sydney where I expanded my research focus to investigate perceptual changes that occur during psychosis. I joined the University of Western Sydney as a research lecturer in May 2010.

Gaps In Perception: How We See A Stable World Through Moving Eyes

We see the most detail in the center of our visual field. This region is called the fovea: it is most densely packed with receptors that turn light into electrical signals that the brain understands. To explore the visual field, […]