About The Author

Tadhg O'Mahony is a Marie Sklodowska Curie research fellow at Finland Future Research Center.  His research is broad and transdisciplinary, from economics and technology to the social, cultural and political, and reflects the variety of domains required by scenarios and future studies. In particular, he is interested in low-carbon transition, sustainable development, mitigation, energy policy, wellbeing and scenario approaches. He is also interested in development indicators, sustainability assessment, decomposition analysis and energy modelling.

Measuring Welfare With The ‘ISEW’, A Niche In Economics That May Prompt Us To Reflect On Human Impacts On The Natural World

Although science and economics tend to be conservative and slow, mainstream science now concludes that our ‘development,’ how our societies and economies pursue human ‘welfare,’ has already transgressed multiple ‘planetary boundaries,’ the safe-operating-space in which we exist. The path of development since the industrial revolution not only now threatens the natural world, but the natural