About The Author

Tarit Kumar Baul is a researcher at the University of Eastern Finland in the School of Forest Sciences. His research areas are: Agroforestry, Land Use Planning and Management, Tree Improvement, Biodiversity Conservation, and Natural Resource Management courses. He has supervised undergraduate and postgraduate students on agro-diversity on farm, forest biodiversity, breeding and conservation of fruit and medicinal trees, farm and agroforestry and tree-people interaction.

Household Energy Consumption And Related Emissions From Biomass And Non-renewable Energy Sources: A Case Study From Bangladesh

In developing countries, access to clean and equal energy is often hindered due to lack of understanding of households’ energy consumption pattern and socioeconomic factors. In Bangladesh, only 61% of the population has access to electricity, with a per capita consumption of 293.03 kWh a−1 (kilowatt hour per year) (REN21, 2017). About 91% of the