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Sibylle Klosterhalfen

Sibylle Klosterhalfen is a researcher at the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy, University Hospital Tübingen, Tübingen, Germany.

Sex And The Placebo Effect: Women Learn, And Men Just Listen!

The placebo effect describes the improvement of symptoms in a clinical trial of a new therapy, e.g. a new drug, where some patients receive an “inert” pill (tablet, infusion, or other medicines) that does not contain the pharmacological compounds to […]

Sham (Placebo) Surgery: Fake News Or Snake Oil?

Testing a drug against a placebo in a randomized double-blinded trial is the gold standard in the development of new treatment options in medicine. If the results show the drug to be significantly better than the placebo, the drug can […]

Open-Label Placebo (OLP): Take This, It Is A Sugar Pill, It Will Help You!

Imagine the following: Your doctor prescribes you a medicine and tells you frankly: it does not contain any active ingredients, it is a placebo, but it may help you anyway. Would you believe him/her? And would you take it? Taking […]

The 100 Billion Dollar-Euro Question: Is There A Placebo Effect In Medicine Outside Drug Trials?

A common cold lasts for 7 days without medicines and for one week with medicines, but a day less with an empathic doctor Everybody knows about the placebo effect: Patients given placebos during a test for a novel medication will […]