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Shibly Shahrier

Shibly Shahrier obtained a Bachelors in Government and Politics from Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh. He achieved his MA from International University of Japan, Japan and attained his doctoral degree in Economics from Kochi University of Technology, Japan. He obtained President’s award in recognition for international academic achievement and excellence in Ph.D. dissertation. He has published a number of journal articles with top quality peer-reviewed journals. He has been presenting his research works in numerous conferences. He performed as a session chair in The 7th Congress of East Asian Association of Environmental and Resource Economics, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore (2017). His current research interests include application of behavioral and experimental economics to environmental and sustainability problems, culture-gene coevolution of economic behaviors in relation to ongoing modernization of competitive societies, and mechanism design for solving environmental and sustainability problems.

Balancing Capitalism, Modernization And Sustainable Development For Future Generations

Current human societies experience how rapid economic development, urbanization, and modernization worldwide come up with overexploitation of natural resources and environmental pollution. Natural resource depletion and environmental problems threaten the possibilities of future human generations in the earth, which might […]