Brain Development And Evolution In Social Insects
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About The Author

Sean O'Donnell is a professor at Drexel University in the Department of Biological Sciences. His research focuses on Brain plasticity and the evolution of brain structure, Social behavior and division of labor, especially of eusocial Hymenoptera, Thermal ecology and thermal physiology, Network models of social group organization, Behavior and ecology of bird-army ant interactions, and Human-safe insecticides.


Brain Development And Evolution In Social Insects

How do brains evolve? If species differ in the size and structure of their brains, are there patterns to these differences? Can these patterns tell us something about the evolutionary forces that affect brain architecture? Most animal lineages sport concentrated and highly organized nervous system tissue, usually located near the front of their bodies (brains). Animals’ brains are key to their evolutionary success. Brains are centers of information processing — analyzing and integrating input from the different senses — as...

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