The Role Of Aeration In Floating Treatment Wetlands
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About The Author

Sarah White is an associate professor of horticulture at Clemson University, where she develops plant-based remediation technologies to cleanse water for reuse by agricultural operations and to protect our water resources. Specialties: Remediation science, constructed wetlands, floating treatment wetlands, vegetated buffers, nutrient remediation, pathogen remediation.


The Role Of Aeration In Floating Treatment Wetlands

Water availability and supply dynamics are issues of great concern to society. Water quality also influences water availability dynamics because we want to ensure the water we have is clean and safe for use or reuse. Water quality has been in the spotlight recently because of incidents in Flint, MI, and city-wide boil notices in prominent cities such as Austin, TX, and Atlanta, GA. Large scale algal blooms, like those in the coastal waters of Florida, the Chesapeake Bay, and...

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