Electrochemical hoIgG3 Testing For PAT Allergies
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About The Author

Salvatore Giovanni De Simone is a senior researcher at the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation Center for Technological Development in Health. His areas of expertise are electrophoresis, protein purification, immunology, and proteomics.


Electrochemical hoIgG3 Testing For PAT Allergies

Passive antibody therapy (PAT) is highly effective for the immediate treatment of a variety of pathological conditions. In the case of snake bites, PAT has the additional advantage of containing a diverse mixture of antibodies that can neutralize the complex mixture of proteases that mediate the deleterious effects of the venom. Most preparations of PAT utilize horse serum as the source of the antibodies that provide the therapeutic activity. However, the use of horse (ho) antibodies as a therapy involves...

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