About The Author

Sabine Nöbel is a research fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study., Toulouse. Her background is in the behavioural ecology of Poeciliids and Drosophila studying the non-genetic inheritance of mating preferences using mate-copying, by which females build mating preferences by observing and copying conspecific females’ mate-choice. She studies how new, socially learnt mating preferences can invade a population and persist across generations.

New Toulouse-Led Scientific Study Reveals Drosophila melanogaster Can Transmit Sexual Preferences Culturally Over The Long Term

A Toulouse-led interdisciplinary research consortium shows that the fruit fly has all the cognitive capacities to culturally transmit their sexual preferences across generations, potentially leading to the emergence of long-lasting traditions in sexual preferences. On top of providing the first experimental toolbox to study animal cultures in any species, this study suggests that the cultural