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Rui Rosa

Rui Rosa graduated in Marine Biology by FCUL in 1999 and completed a PhD degree in Biology by the same institution in 2005. Subsequently, Rosa carried out his post-doctoral activities on Ecophysiology and Climate Change at Univ. Rhode Island (USA), funded by FCT and Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian. Rosa received the two most important Portuguese scientific awards in the field of Marine Biology and others from international Societies (e.g. JEB Awards 2005, 2006). He is currently the elected Head of the “Global Environmental Change Line” in MARE Center. His research aims to understand the impact of climate change in the marine biota,  from cells to ecosystems, towards a multidisciplinary and holistic approach. Rosa’s team is examining the combined effects of climate change-related stressors (ocean warming, acidification and hypoxia) on ecologically-relevant marine invertebrate and vertebrate groups. The multidisciplinary expertise of the group encompasses several research areas, at different levels of biological organization, including Embryology, Transcriptomics, Physiology, Ecology, Evolution, Toxicology, Modelling and Education.

“Where Are You?” Asked The Drowsy Scud: Ocean Acidification Can Impair Mate Detection And Reduces Metabolism In A Marine Amphipod

Published by Francisco O. Borges, Eduardo Sampaio, Cátia Figueiredo, Rui Rosa, Tiago F. Grilo MARE – Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre, Laboratório Marítimo da Guia, Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa These findings are described in the article entitled […]