Roberto E. González

Roberto is the Chief Scientist at MetricArts & Cluster HPC support scientist at Centro Astro-Ingenieria UC. He holds a PhD in Astrophysics and expert in parallel computing, HPC, computer vision and big data. Roberto has broad interdisciplinary experience between Computer Science and Astrophysics, with publications in both fi elds. Expertise in Large scale structure, Cosmic-web metrics, Cosmological Hydro-Nbody simulations, and The Local Group in a cosmological context to probe LCDM. Four years experience as lecture professor of courses for science and engineering careers at Universidad Catolica. Extensive collaboration with professors in universities abroad. Collaboration and participation with Industry and leading CORFO R&D projects.

A Computer Vision Application For Galaxy Detection

Computer Vision is an interdisciplinary field that combines knowledge from disciplines such as Physics, Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering. Its main goal is to develop algorithms and systems capable to reproduce human vision skills. The fields most closely related to […]