Evidence For Glaciation Found In Alba Mons Region Of Mars
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About The Author

Rishitosh Kumar Sinha is an engineer at the physical REsearch Laboratory. His research focuses on morphological study of glacial/periglacial landforms: e.g. lobate debris apron/lineated valley fill, small scale lobate debris aprons, lobate floor fill, polygonal cracks, gullies, morphological insights from Mars and Earth-analogues in Ladakh Range, Himalaya, and morphological study of layered deposits: e.g. bright toned layered deposits.

Evidence For Glaciation Found In Alba Mons Region Of Mars

Climatic conditions and accompanying glacial/periglacial processes have been suggested to vary on Mars during the Late Amazonian epoch (~1.0 Ga to present). While evidence for glacial landforms resembling past episodes of major and minor glaciation have been found on Mars, glacial landforms resulting from moderate glaciation have not been studied extensively. Thus, it resulted in a gap in our understanding of the moderate glacial episode that led to emplacement of glacial landforms intermediate in scale and extent to those resulting...

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