Rishitosh Kumar Sinha

Rishitosh Kumar Sinha is an engineer at the physical REsearch Laboratory. His research focuses on morphological study of glacial/periglacial landforms: e.g. lobate debris apron/lineated valley fill, small scale lobate debris aprons, lobate floor fill, polygonal cracks, gullies, morphological insights from Mars and Earth-analogues in Ladakh Range, Himalaya, and morphological study of layered deposits: e.g. bright toned layered deposits.

Evidence For Glaciation Found In Alba Mons Region Of Mars

Climatic conditions and accompanying glacial/periglacial processes have been suggested to vary on Mars during the Late Amazonian epoch (~1.0 Ga to present). While evidence for glacial landforms resembling past episodes of major and minor glaciation have been found on Mars, […]