Exploring How Illness Affects Short- And Long-Term Memory
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About The Author

Richard Swiegert is a professor at the Auckland University of Technology. He has a professional background in clinical psychology and neuropsychology. He joined AUT in 2012 as Professor of Psychology and Rehabilitation - a joint appointment between the School of Public Health and Psychosocial Studies and the School of Rehabilitation and Occupation Studies. His research focuses on neurological rehabilitation, neuropsychology, psychometrics, outcome measurement in complex and chronic conditions, rehabilitation theory.


Exploring How Illness Affects Short- And Long-Term Memory

Most people who have had a bad cold or dose of the flu will be well aware how feeling physically unwell can also make our cognitive or mental abilities less efficient. This is not simply because we are distracted by aches and pains and feelings of fatigue and general malaise, but partly due to direct relationships between the functioning of our immune system and our cognitive abilities such as memory. There is good evidence from studies of both animals and...

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