Rasha Al-attar

Rasha Al-attar is biology Ph.D. candidate at Carleton University. Her research focuses on understanding metabolic rate depression in stress tolerant models. Rana sylvatica is able to survive weeks of whole body freezing in winter with 65-70% of its total bodywater converted to ice. Freezing interrupts oxygen delivery(anoxia) and withdraws water from thecells (dehydration).  Understanding the molecular mechanisms involved can help with developing new organ cryopreservation methods.

Organ Cryopreservation: Nature’s Protocol For Freezing Organs

Every year in Canada, 1600 people are added to the organ transplant waiting list, but there are only 20.9 donors available per million people; as a result, someone dies waiting for an organ every 30 hours [1]. The rise in […]