The Formation Of Mars’ Juventae Chasma
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About The Author

Ranjan Sarkar is a senior research fellow at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay in the Centre of Studies in Resources Engineering. Ranjan's work focuses on astrophysics, astronomy, and planetary geology. His current project involves Light-toned layered deposits in Juventae Chasma, Mars.

The Formation Of Mars’ Juventae Chasma

Mars is a planet of geological curiosities that often have no parallels on Earth. Among these include the largest and deepest canyon system — Valles Marineris (over 4000 km long and 12 km deep). Within this canyon system, a suite of light-toned, layered sedimentary rocks occurs that is still elusive to scientists as to their mode of origin and the time when they formed. Various models have been proposed to explain their formation since they were first observed in 1972...

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