Self-powered Paper-based Diagnostics At The Point Of Care Testing
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About The Author

Ramses V. Martinez is an Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering and Biomedical Engineering at Purdue University. His research focuses on the on the development of scanning probe nanolithographies based on the spatial confinement of chemical reactions within a liquid meniscus. Dr. Martinez received a B.A. in Applied Physics from the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid in June 2004 and a Ph.D. in Physics and Materials Science from the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) in 2009.


Self-powered Paper-based Diagnostics At The Point Of Care Testing

Providing high-quality medical diagnostics in low-resource settings, such as forward-deployed military units, rural areas in Africa, or in the middle of natural disaster scenarios, requires portable laboratories that should be affordable, easy to transport, easy to use (even by minimally trained users), and independent of infrastructure. While a variety of portable solutions have been proposed to diagnose some of these health problems and infectious diseases, their dependence on cumbersome/expensive equipment, refrigeration conditions, and skilled personnel prevents their adoption by first...

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