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Rajanikant G. Krishnamurthy is a professor at the Indian Institute for Technology in the School of Biotechnology. His research focuses on database development, molecular dynamics, radiation protection, wound healing, and molecular modeling.

A Novel Five-Node Feed-Forward Loop Delves Into The Molecular Mechanism Of Ischemic Stroke

  When Robert Hooke first discovered cells in a sliver of cork, one would have barely imagined that this microscopic entity is a room to complex and dynamic genetic information. Ever since the discovery of DNA, scientists have decoded huge sets of data describing genetic diversity between individuals. I made use of microscopes and some

Evaluating Rodent Aerobics For Preclinical Ischemic Stroke Intervention Assessments

One might probably associate rodents, particularly mice and rats, with sewers, cargoes, ships, or perhaps with an exceptional “French chef” or a friendly “Stuart”. Besides, tens and millions of rodents have played a central role in science for nearly 200 years, and as a matter of fact, the term “lab-rat” has popularly made its way