About The Author

I am Assistant Professor at IIT Guwahati, India, developing nanobiosensors, lab-on-chip systems for biomedical diagnostics, Interested in cheap diagnostic devices & also studying about human aging and free radicals research. PhD from PNU, South Korea on Cancer Diagnostics & Post-Doc from Technion, Israel. Involved teaching courses of bioengineering & biosensor & Microbiology. I am editor in various international journals eg: World Journal of Methodology, USA. I am open for research cooperation.

A Disposable Biosensing Device For Naked-Eye Detection Of Milk Pasteurization Indicator

Bypassing the conventional lab-based, time-intensive, protocol-oriented multistep methods of food quality assurances, recent interests have been tremendously focused on rapid, onsite, and accurate quality checkups. These are majorly based on biosensor systems for the determination of exclusive indicators responsible for food quality. In this context, liquid food items are more susceptible to embracing the microbial