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Peter S. Rodriguez

I’m a skilled and dynamic GIS Specialist & spatial data scientist (9+ years) that enjoys working with people on different Geographic Information Systems (GIS) projects. I have experience in all the core areas of GIS from spatial data collection and data management to spatial data analyses and web mapping. I can work with vector and raster (satellite) data. My current technology stack includes PostgreSQL+PostGIS, QGIS (+ GRASS & ArcGIS), R, Carto and MapBox. I have been working mainly in the public health sector but have experience with conservation biology and business GIS projects. I have collaborated on a few research papers and grants.

Hot Temperature Has Highest Mortality Risk, But Moderately Cold Temperature Contributed To The Most Deaths In India

Extreme temperatures, including cold spells and heat waves, have detrimental effects on human health. Most climate change projections foresee extreme weather becoming more prevalent. Indeed, various parts of the world have already begun to experience the impact of extremely hot […]