Sources Of Risk And Uncertainty In Deploying Smart Grids
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About The Author

Dr. Peter Connor is a Senior Lecturer in Renewable Energy Policy at the University of Exeter. Peter researches and teaches in the area of national renewable energy policy and regulation. He has a particular interest in the design and implementation of policy and regulation to support renewable energy sources of electricity and heat within the UK and amongst EU Member States. He is also interested in policy and regulation as it applies to the development of smarter delivery of energy.

Sources Of Risk And Uncertainty In Deploying Smart Grids

Future electricity networks will have to become smarter, but how, and is it a free lunch? "The smart grid" is not a single artifact that can be picked off a shelf. The starting points are unique combinations emerging from historical choices about infrastructure, current generation, the potential for renewables, market structure, network regulation, competition, company incentives, and consumer behavior. Different networks in different countries will benefit from different levels of smartness since each has developed, and will continue to develop,...

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