About The Author

Paulo it is PhD in Physical Geography and currently is Associated Professor in the Department of Environmental Policy of the University Mykolas Romeris (Vilnus, Lithuania). He has developed research in other European institutions (e.g. University of Barcelona). Since 2013 he is Editor-in-Chief of FLAMMA, a journal published by FUEGORED. Paulo it is also secretary for outreach and international affairs of Soils Science System of European Geoscience Union. His main research line is focused in the impact of prescribed fires and wildfires in Boreal and Mediterranean areas.

Mapping Ecosystem Services In Lithuania (LINESAM)

Nature plays an important role in human activities. It is considered an important capital and is crucial for the development of the economy and social wellbeing. Nature capital is the base of human existence, however, this value has not been considered in national wealth. Ecosystem services (ES) are defined by the benefits that ecosystems provide

Managing Soil After A Fire

Fire is a natural element of ecosystems that has shaped world biomes as we know them today. With the exception of polar areas, fire affects all ecosystems with more or less periodicity. Fire appeared with vascular plants (420 million years ago) and started to be used by hominins 1.6 million years ago. The human use

The Need For Sustainability In Our Soil

Soil forms at the interface of the lithosphere, biosphere, atmosphere, and hydrosphere and is the foundation of terrestrial life. It is home to a large proportion of earth’s biodiversity and regulates important ecosystem services, such as food provision, flood regulation, and water infiltration, among others. In addition, soil functions and services are fundamental to our