The Power Of Protein Modification
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About The Author

Paul M. Harrison is Associate Professor, Dept. of Biology, McGill University. Paul researches Bioinformatics & Computational biology. Current major areas of interest are: Analysis of genome & proteome evolution, Annotation of genomes & proteomes, Analysis & simulation of protein folding, amyloidogenesis & prions.


The Power Of Protein Modification

Eukaryotic proteins are made up of both "ordered" and "disordered" parts. The former have a fixed 3D structure, while the latter do not take on a 3D structure during some of their functioning in cells and tissues. Such "intrinsically disordered regions" (IDRs) remain unfolded under physiological conditions, sampling lots of different diffuse shapes and conformations. IDRs have led to a profound reassessment of the protein structure-function paradigm, and their improper functioning can lead to many diseases. IDRs can mediate interaction...

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